Happy Birthday, Woot!

Close your eyes and make a wish. To celebrate Woot!’s 18th birthday, we’re hosting a two-week bash full of surprise giveaways, daily mystery offers, jaw-dropping deals, and an unreasonable number of Woot!-style savings shenanigans.

Break out the clearance candles, because everyone’s favorite daily deals hub is about to turn 18. That’s right, Woot! is officially an adult. And though it still can’t legally drink, it can serve its country honorably with savings. As a proud parent company, Amazon is throwing its saucy little step-site a birthday party for the ages.

In fact, this year we’re combining Prime Day with Woot!’s birthday to create a two-week mega event. From July 11 to 25, it’s going to be a non-stop discount party across the Woot! site and app, with unprecedented savings on your favorite products and some epic Woot!-worthy surprises. For fourteen days straight, Woot! is going all out with some of their best prices on brands like Under Armour, Dyson, Ray-Ban, and Oakley.

Woot! are you talking about, exactly?


We’re talking about ridiculously good limited-time deals, chances to score products for as little as $1, daily mystery offers at up to 80% off, and secret mobile app discounts that are nothing short of bananas. And, of course, an indecent amount of Shenanigans from Woot!’s monkey mascots, Mortimer and Monte (don’t ask).

You’re going to want to check back every day for fresh, limited-quantity Wootbuster deals that sell out fast. There are going to be Deal-O-Meters, where you get to vote to lower the price on something and make Woot! lose money. There will be bigtime giveaways. There will be Woot-Offs, where unannounced deals pop up every 30 minutes like unicorns. There will be Woot!'s Totally Fun pricing. And there will be OMG deals, which stands for Outrageous Mystery Goody, a thing that Woot! decides to sell really cheap, except they don’t tell you what it is.

The Mystery Goodies are not unlike Woot!’s legendary BOCs, which Woot! describes as “a random collection of stuff that we shove into a box and sell to you.” You never know what you’re going to get: Wooters have received everything from a brand-new laptop to a single shoe and expired batteries. And yes, for the birthday edition, there will be some very special BOC.

Did we mention the virtual dice game with prizes? Or the funhouse with six magical doors, behind which are things like cheap and weird products and coupons? Or the discount Happy Hours? If it all sounds like a bit much, then you don’t know Woot!.

Wait, so what is Woot! again?


Founded in 2004, Woot! is the original daily deals site, which once offered just one deal per day until that particular product sold out. Gently acquired by Amazon in 2010, Woot! now offers special daily deals at the top of the site every day. The featured deal, often at the lowest price you’ll find anywhere, disappears at midnight Central Time like Cinderella. And on any given day, there are limited-time offers across seven categories, including Home & Kitchen, Electronics, Computers, Tools & Garden, Sports & Outdoors, Shirt, and Grocery & Household. The Clearance section offers a little bit of everything.

In case you hadn’t noticed, Woot! is also known for its distinct and irreverent tone. As the brand itself describes it, “Woot! is a pungent aroma that never apologizes for what it is. Woot! is the hope in the eyes of a child when that child realizes you don’t have to pay List Price for cool stuff. Woot! is an ever-evolving deal maelstrom churning around a tornado circling a mystery.”

That unique voice — and a deep love for bargains— is part of what makes Woot!’s dedicated online community so fun and engaging. There’s always a conversation going, or as Woot! puts it, “a teeming hive of chitchat,” from in-depth product reviews and honest deal discussions to keen insights from fellow Wooters.

And we saved the best for last. Amazon Prime members always get free standard shipping on Woot!, and free express shipping on Shirt.Woot. And for breezy, hassle-free checkout, you can use Amazon Pay to make purchases on Woot! using the same payment and shipping information that’s already stored in your Amazon account.

Do I have to RSVP?


No! This discount party is open to everyone. But for all the latest birthday-bash updates from Woot!, sign up for Daily Digest. You can also follow Woot! on Facebook and Twitter.