Get your best sleep yet with Brooklinen this holiday season

Brooklinen has expanded beyond bedding to make your holidays the most restful yet.

’Tis the season for … sleep. Sometimes, the holidays are so full of tasks, errands, and engagements that we forget to actually take any time off. But not this year. For many of us, we spent the past few months trying to catch up with friends and family we hadn’t seen in a while. Saying “yes” to every invitation felt good at first, but after months of back-to-back plans, we’re making it to the new year pretty burned out.

If you’re making it your mission to catch up on rest, set yourself up for success by outfitting yourself with everything you need to sink into your most satisfying slumber in months. First on your list: Brooklinen sheets.

Brooklinen have made a name for themselves as the premier destination for high-quality sheets — and they’re worth the hype. With a wide range of fabrics, styles, and colors, they have everything you need for both a stylish bedroom and consistently deep sleep.

Meet the couple behind Brooklinen


Husband-and-wife team Vicki and Rich Fulop opened Brooklinen with a simple mission: to produce sheets that are of the highest quality, yet accessibly priced. Their own experience sleeping on luxury sheets on a trip to Vegas convinced them that every night should feel just like that. However, after they saw the price tags on high-end bedding, a severe case of sticker shock convinced them there was a real need for affordable luxury in the market.

Since launching with a Kickstarter campaign in 2014, the acclaimed startup has consistently broadened the scope of their business while remaining focused on their core mission of making their customers comfortable. In 2018, Inc. named them the third-fastest-growing retail brand.


Accolades for the quality of their products have also rolled in from Business Insider, Good Housekeeping, Men’s Health, Wirecutter, and more, alongside a loyal following of 283,000 on Instagram. But perhaps the best proof of Brooklinen’s quality is the 90,000-plus five-star customer reviews they’ve amassed on their website. Customers praise the comfort and resilience of the products, the customer service support, and the lifetime warranty policy.

What makes Brooklinen stand out is their bundled format. Making luxury bedding accessible isn’t just about the price, but about delivering the best experience with the least hassle. Bundles make it easy for customers to get everything they need, fast. Combining Brooklinen sheets, duvets covers, and pillow covers gives the luxury bedding experience to anyone by removing all barriers to entry.

Beyond bedding

Given its origin as an online-only business, Brooklinen has always gone above and beyond in an effort to connect with their consumer base. This has taken many forms, from opening IRL locations to moving beyond bedding to even more products that enhance your home.

Brooklinen has expanded its offerings to include everything from a brand-new loungewear line to decor essentials, bathroom accessories, and gift packages.

Constantly innovating, Brooklinen recently launched a new brand: Marlow Pillow, focused on helping you resolve neck and back pain caused by bad sleep. Marlow Pillows are made with 80% memory foam to offer a luxury sleep experience from head to toe. Like Brooklinen bedding, Marlow Pillows are also equipped with cooling technology to keep you from tossing, turning, and fruitlessly trying to sleep on the cold side of the pillow.

Where do you want to start?

If Brooklinen has more — and better — options than you imagined, don’t feel overwhelmed. Check out our top picks if you’re unsure of a good place to start or are looking for a holiday starter pack for a loved one.

The Luxe Core Set features just the basics — a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillowcases. But with the superior, smoother comfort Brooklinen bedding provides, it goes a long way toward radically improving anyone’s overall sleep experience.

The newly launched Brushed Flannel Sheets come right in time for winter for you to tuck into the classic feel of flannel, and the warmth of nostalgia. Pair them with the Super-Plush Robe for the ultimate cozy holiday uniform. This unbeatable combination is the perfect gateway into the wider universe of Brooklinen products, which is why we’ve included it in our essential Holiday Guide for products purchasable with Amazon Pay.

Vicki Fulop summed it up well when she described Brooklinen’s products as “simple, classic, clean, and timeless.” Everyone loves to sleep comfortably, and sheets that provide full and stable coverage are an essential part of that equation. This holiday season, it’s hard to imagine that anyone could go wrong by gifting a Brooklinen set to a loved one.

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