Finding zen through better storage

The founder of Salt by Sabrina is on a mission to transform household chaos into organized bliss.

Originally posted 3/31/22

Mother of four, Sabrina Gardner specializes in turning household chaos into organized serenity. After spending 16 years as a working mom, balancing her career as a photographer with time spent at home with her children, the founder and CEO of Salt by Sabrina launched her company in 2020 with a clear mission to help families find a sense of peace.


“Every product at Salt by Sabrina is designed to simplify your life, beautify your spaces, and empower you with confidence,” she says*. “I believe every storage solution should improve your life and bring you joy.”

Purpose-built to fit your needs, Gardner’s custom drawer organizers and storage products are both beautiful and functional, helping to maximize every inch of available space — and peace of mind. For Gardner, taming the untidy is more than just a business or a brand, it’s a lifestyle philosophy.

“Organization is transformative,” she says. “Removing clutter can improve your mood and empower you to better deal with life’s daily challenges. In all my experiences, the desire for a more organized life seems universal.”

Everything in its place


With a wide range of template options, Salt by Sabrina’s collection of custom drawer organizers is designed for specific use cases in kitchens, pantries, laundry rooms, home offices, craft rooms, bathrooms, and other high-use areas that tend to attract disarray. Each premium, crystal-clear acrylic template is configured to make sure every object has its place, however large, small, or obscure. You simply measure your drawer and choose a compartment layout for a seamless, custom fit that’s unique to your needs.

“When our drawers are organized, it feels like our lives are organized,” Gardner says.

Salt by Sabrina also offers a complete line of chic boxes and containers for anything and everything in your home that needs to be put away, from organizer caddies and spice racks to handcrafted storage baskets, jewelry boxes, jars, pen holders, and yes, even salt containers.

There’s a basket for that

Designed for storing fruit, the popular Boston basket makes a stylish addition to any kitchen, with a soft mesh bottom and flat, powder-coated metal structure that helps protect fruit as it ripens. It also works just as well in a craft room, providing easy access to art supplies.

Ideal for the pantry or office, the multifunctional London basket in Polished Nickel or Classic Gold comes with a convenient custom label slot to keep everything from snacks to files in perfect order. And the stylish woven-cotton Santorini basket works beautifully on a living room shelf or in a laundry room as a decorative catchall for anything you want to throw at it.

A home for everything and everyone

Salt by Sabrina also gives back. For every organizer it sells, a dollar goes directly to America’s Kids Belong, an organization that helps give safe, supportive homes to children who have never had one. And for every $1,000 raised, the company sponsors one child’s foster care placement journey.

“Tragically, each year 23,000 children become too old for the foster system and leave with no family support,” the company writes. “These children desperately need the love and sense of belonging that can only come through adoption.”

Instilling peace, belonging, and household order is part of Salt by Sabrina’s DNA.


“When life has dealt me a basket of lemons, my mind retreats to the complex and incredible process of organizing,” Gardner says. “The process is like a wonderful mathematical equation for me to solve. I take each space and find the most efficient way for it to function, and then I go to work making it beautiful.”

“Organization has been a lifeline for me,” she adds. “And something that never fails to bring me joy.”

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