Empowering DIY designers to give their home a make-over

Learn how ecommerce site Lulu and Georgia guides customers through the daunting world of home décor

Home decorating can be a daunting task – so daunting, in fact, that we’ve invented an entire genre of reality television that centers around inviting professional decorators into our home and letting them insult our taste.

Lulu and Georgia understands the crippling fear that choosing an area rug or sofa can instill in even the most stylish consumer. Part of the home décor ecommerce site’s runaway success can be attributed to their commitment to making customers feel comfortable, even confident, in how they design their living space.

As Lulu and Georgia founder Sara Sugarman explains, “And while [professional women are] usually savvy when it comes to fashion, interior design can be tricky. Most people lack the confidence to conceptualize an entire room. Lulu & Georgia makes home decor shopping easy, with…content geared towards helping her imagine her space and feel inspired.”

Sugarman founded Lulu and Georgia in 2012, but her roots in interior design run far deeper – her grandfather launched the now-legendary Decorative Carpets brand of home furnishings in 1955. But growing up among such stylish family members didn’t prevent Sugarman from realizing that not everyone can enjoy such effortless good taste.

That’s why Lulu and Georgia’s website goes such a long way in putting their customer at the center of their business. From an exhaustive guide on choosing and caring for the perfect rug to highlighting young designers’ home spaces, Lulu and Georgia’s shoppers don’t have to search far to find inspiration.

And for the truly baffled home decorator, the site’s Shop by Look feature takes the decision-making entirely out of your hands, offering a complete set of furnishings and accessories to achieve the perfect Scandinavian Bohemian or Moody Modern aesthetic.

For Sugarman, it’s Lulu and Georgia’s brand authenticity that has gone a long way to helping them reach new shoppers, as well as keep existing customers coming back for more. “We are a team that truly loves what we do,” she said, “and that comes across on our social channels, email, website, and all touch points. We are passionate about our products, our brand, and our commitment to our customers.”

Lulu and Georgia has also found success working with online influencers, but it’s not simply a matter of finding the Instagram stars with the biggest follower counts. “Over time, I think our strategy has changed a bit,” Sugarman explained. “We really see ourselves as a lifestyle brand — we’re selling a lifestyle, not just a couch or a rug, so we look for influencers that also fall within that lifestyle.”

If you’re looking to reinvent your home, you don’t have to invite a bunch of reality show hosts into your living room. Instead, Sugarman offers a few great tips for anyone feeling daunted by the task. Two of our favorites: start with the rug (“the foundation of the room”), and keep your big pieces neutral (“a white, gray, or beige couch can go with anything”).

Want to explore all that Lulu and Georgia has to offer? Head over to their site, where you can also use Amazon Pay to check out with just a few clicks.