Curated gift ideas for trendsetters or beauty enthusiasts

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The Possible with Pay gift guide is a carefully curated list of nearly 200 holiday gift recommendations. Our selections come from merchants who use Amazon Pay, and all items are available for quick delivery so you can get them wrapped and ready with time to spare.

In this installment, we’re focusing on items that will appeal to your aesthetically-minded friend or family member—whether they’re invested in staying ahead of the curve on new styles, beauty products, or both. We’re highlighting chic clothing and accessories from goofy all the way up to formal. And if you’re shopping for beauty enthusiast, we have a can’t miss selection of top-of-the-line moisturizers, makeup packages, bath soaks, and facial cleansers.

For the trendsetter


Wildcat Chelsea Boots from Rothy’s available here.

These distinctive ankle boots from Rothy’s are full of personality: conversation pieces that don’t overwhelm their wearer’s natural charm. Easy to slip on, durable, and eminently comfortable, you can’t get much better when it comes to snowy weather foot gear that channels the spirit of a summer sneaker.


Multifort Black Dial Stainless Steel Men’s Watch from Watchmaxx available here.

Swiss brand Mido produces luxury watches of the highest quality, and Watchmaxx is providing a great deal on one of their most timeless designs. This Multifort Black Dial model features a stainless steel band and case featuring scratch-resistant sapphire, plus an attractive open back for a visual treat for your watch-loving loved one before they lay it on the nightstand.


Rose Theater Sunglasses from Blenders Eyewear available here.

These reflective rose-gold sunglasses from Blenders instantly project fun. Even if you’re not actually on the beach, the lenses bring a little bit of fun in the sun wherever you are. Allow your fashion-oriented friend or family member to test whether that “seeing the world through rose-colored glasses” cliché is the real deal.


Classic Key Necklace from The Giving Keys available here.

For a friend who appreciates wellness and inspirational thinking, these customized key necklaces, stamped with your choice of feel-good, personalized inscriptions, are an excellent holiday gift choice. Each necklace comes with a unique repurposed key, so don’t worry that you’re purchasing something with a sterilized, store-bought look.


Sun Hematite Shoe from Plae available here.

Call it cleat-chic: these glistening hematite shoes from irreverent sneaker pranksters Plae mix a sporty look with a glamorous shimmer. The metallic full grain leather makes these shoes look as striking and fresh as they feel comfortable and familiar—perhaps from years of high school soccer practice.


Croco Essential Medium Clutch from Mimic Designs available here.

Sometimes, simple and streamlined can be the most commanding look for a formal occasion or a special night out. This compact and attractive crocodile-patterned leather clutch bag, complete with suede lining, embodies class and works with a wide variety of outfits.


Ecols Waterproof Shoes from Plae available here.

Another excellent sporty shoe from Plae, this Ecols design offers a bit more of a restrained look, while still boasting the company’s trademark cleat bottoms. Completely waterproof and available in black and white versions, this is a perfect option for a loved one inclined toward travel and hiking. They are also compressible so they can easily slip into a handy corner of your luggage.


Rainbow Sneaker from Soludos available here.

This beloved and one-of-a-kind sneaker from NYC-based company Soludos features a sunrise on the inside and a rainbow pointing out to the world. The creation of Hawaii-based embroidery art Marie Sophie Lockhart, the resident free spirit in your family will love the inscription on the back: your choice of “Good Vibes” or “Chill Out.”

Wave Bracelet from Embr Labs available here.

This space-age-looking accessory provides temperature control on the go. Available with a choice of comfortable and stylish white nylon or black leather bands, Embr’s Wave Bracelet can pass off as a bracelet or timepiece, despite the fact that its function is so much more essential: providing comfort in any climate.

For the beauty enthusiast

Interchangeable Barrel Styling Wand from T3 Micro available here.

For your friend or family member who loves to change their hair style, this award-winning Whirl Trio package from T3 Micro may be the essential and easy-use tool they never knew they needed. Customizable with three different barrels, this magic wand can handle anything from curls to waves to flipped ends, and it comes at an unbeatable price point.


Hibiscus Coconut Monoi Bath Soak from Moon Luv available here.

Any skincare enthusiast, or fan of restorative baths, will enjoy this Hibiscus Coconut Monoi Bath Soak from Moon Luv. This sea-salt-based soak has notes of coconuts, gardenias, and hibiscus in its scent, and exfoliates skin gently and naturally.

Coconut & Berry XL Spa Gift Basket from Arden Organics available here.

Bring the spa home with this amazing, cornucopia-like basket of skin and body products from Arden Organics. Outside of the spread of hair products, lotions, and massage accessories (including a game-changing loofah back scrubber), there are soy-scented candles to set the mood. It’s an ideal romantic holiday surprise, and it’s a click and just under $50 away.


Blue Chamomile Cleanser from Essensa available here.

This Essenca cream works as an all-purpose skin cleanser, but it may also be among the most effective and soothing makeup removers on the market. Are the scents of sunflower, avocado and coconut—derived from organic plant extracts—pleasant enough for your loved one? Hard to imagine things getting much better.


Meltdown Oil for Acne-Prone Skin from Blume available here.

This skin-clearing oil from Blume is invisible and deadly. Unlike so many other products on the market designed to battle acne, Meltdown doesn’t create greasy buildup or dry out your skin. It’s the perfect overnight healing balm for a loved one who is looking for relief.


Ultimate Skin Spa from Vanity Planet available here.

This shower-friendly face cleansing device from Vanity Planet is cost-effective luxury for the skin care enthusiast. Featuring a spinning electric brush that allows for comprehensive coverage, it provides a deeper clean than even the most experienced lotion and face-mask user is used to.


Aqua Clear Skin Anti-Blemish Stick by Sans Soucis available here.

An essential part of any complete arsenal of bath and body products, a good anti-blemish stick can be hard to come by. This dermatologist-recommended offering from Sans Soucis may be the alternative your loved one has been looking for. It combines Zinc Oxide and Calendula into an extract that makes for an instantly effective spot treatment.