Curated gift ideas for techies and for yourself

Watch these gift reviews and check our wish list recommendations for both yourself and the techie in your life.

The Possible with Pay gift guide compiles nearly 200 recommendations for this holiday season, all available from companies that use Amazon Pay. This diverse spread of items, which range from the useful to the hilarious to the decadent, are at the ready for quick delivery via Pay. So don’t worry, you’ll get them well-around of the holidays if you order now.

In this installation, we’ve got a spread of items that are perfect for a nice splurge for yourself during the holiday, or at least, some fun little accessories and new conveniences that you deserve in your hectic life. We also have compiled some bargains on great tech items, for your loved one who is always looking for the next hot new device to revolutionize their den or office. Check out the full list of offerings below.

Treat yourself


Movie Ticket Selection from Atom Tickets

Find the perfect movie for your holiday break, either something the whole family enjoy or something you can slip away from the action to enjoy on your own for a while. Atom will help you locate the nearest theater to see any new release your heart desires.


Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Perfume Spray from FragranceNet

Prepare for summer with this fresh, pastoral fragrance from Tom Ford, which is subtle and classy while remaining distinctive.


Faux Suede Glen Plaid Jacket from Forever 21

This attractive faux-suede jacket is an obvious pick for an addition to your spring wardrobe. Fashionable and understated, it boasts a glen plaid pattern and notched collar.


Århus Wool-Lined Boots from Duckfeet USA

Here’s a supremely cozy and distinctive treat for the snowy months: these sheep-wool-insulated leather boot from Danish footwear brand Duckfeet. They just don’t make soft pebble-leather clodhoppers like these in the States, folks.


Travel and Starter Grooming Sets from Beast

To stay feeling fresh and put-together while on the go, try this male grooming travel set from Tame the Beast. Complete with everything from all-in-one hair and body wash to face lotion to beard oil, this pack will assure that you look on point even after you’ve been stuck on a plane for hours.


Breathe Easy Set with NovaFuse from Plant Therapy

Grab this kit of essential oils, featuring Lemongrass, Lavender, Eucalyptus Globulus, Sweet Orange, Peppermint, and Tea Tree, and guarantee your continued respiratory health. The set also features a NovaFuse USB Diffuser to use with the scents.


Grey Camo Slip-on Sneaker from Rothy’s

Get an easy and attention-grabbing slip-on sneaker for spring and summer convenience and comfort: try this gray camo slip-on from women’s shoe experts Rothy’s, which is soft enough to feel as much like a slipper as a shoe.


Cura Luxe Hair Dryer from T3 Micro

This award-winning Cura Luxe hairdryer from T3 is a precise weapon that does the job quickly, but without ruining your hair’s shine or body. Different head and speed settings easily accommodate a wide variety of hair styles. With its powerful, long-life motor and state-of-the-art design, the Cura Luxe will easily become a staple of your haircare routine.


Corsa Bootie from M. Gemi

This zippered ankle boot from M. Gemi is made in Italy and exudes ‘70s chic. Don’t worry about discomfort from the 2-inch heel: its leather lining and padded insole made for a supremely comfortable fit.


Women’s Indoor Clog Slippers from Therafit

For around-the-house comfort, a good slipper can be a revolutionary addition to your routine. Keep the chills away with this clog model from Therafit is designed to provide maximum support and alleviate foot pain or aches, as well as to be cute and fuzzy.


The All-Day Lounge Pant from Wear Lively

This cozy-yet-dignified pajama piece is a game-changer for pre- and post-sleep routines, as well as perfect for cuddling up in bed during colder times of year.


Classic Bathrobe from Snowe

The comfort of a soft and thick bathrobe around the house is one everyone should experience—an indulgence you should allow yourself. This terrycloth item from Snowe is about as quintessential a white luxury robe as you’ll be able to find, and a perfect holiday-season extravagance.


6-Piece Set of Egyptian Bed Sheets from Daily Sale

Softer sheets is a goal everyone should always be pursuing; so matter how smooth and comforting your bedspread may be now, perhaps there is something even beyond that you just haven’t found yet. On special sale for an unbeatable price, this full set of Egyptian Comfort 1600-count, deep pocket sheets may take you that step beyond what you are used to, designed to stay soft and wrinkle-free for as long as you use them.


Be Kind to Yourself T-Shirt from Bonfire

You may claim inspiration tees are corny, but look in the mirror sometime when you’re feeling down while wearing one. Sometimes every little boost helps. This “Be Kind to Urself” shirt from Bonfire may be goofy and positive enough to do the trick.


Simmons Beautyrest Medium Mattress from US Mattress

This exemplary mattress from Simmons offers premium-grade support thank to its thick T3 Pocketed Coil technology, as well as temperature control and pressure-point relief. It also props up easily to form a backrest, making it a good choice for someone confined to bedrest as well as those just looking to catch some better zzz’s.


Pacific Rectangle Clear Eyeglasses by Eye Buy Direct

Even if you don’t exactly need glasses, these clear, rectangular, and unisex frames from Eyebuydirect are a great addition to any collection of fun accessories. Of course, you can also get them fitted with the lens you need or make them into reading glasses. Either way, it’s a subtle and alluring look, when it comes to bespectacled chic.


Gravity Blanket from Gravity

Let this classic gravity blanket hug and soothe you. Thanks to “deep touch pressure stimulation.” this fleece blanket—available in different weights and colors—guarantees deeper and more restorative sleep. Each blanket comes complete with a duvet cover which the blanket hooks easily into.


DNA -Based Gender Test at Home from Sneak Peek

Soon-to-be-parents should give this convenient gender test from Sneak Peek a try, which promises results in 4-6 days, or offers an expedited turnaround. It’s suitable for women who are at least 8 weeks into their pregnancy and comes at a great price point.


Men’s High-Viz Jacket from Mobile Warming

If you or a loved one works a demanding job that forces you to be outdoor at night, and in all types of weather, this neon high-visibility jacket may make a perfect addition to your arsenal. It comes with internal “heat zones,” powered by a rechargeable battery, that are guaranteed to protect the wearer against unpleasant temperate dips.


Cadent 1 Step Thru Bike from Raleigh

Here’s the perfect ride-to-work bike: Raleigh’s Cadent 1 Step Thru. Combining the best feautres of a road and mountain bike, it’s lightweight, easy to pedal in street clothes, and maximized for seat comfort. But with 21 speeds, 700c wheels, and a sleek alloy frame, it’s also designed for speed.


New York CityPASS from CityPASS

Hit the Big Apple for a classic American mini-vacation, and get a spread of deals on sightseeing around the city with the help of CityPASS. Save 44% on some of the great Manhattan attractions, from the Empire State Building to the Met to the Statue of Library and Ellis Island. In some cases, you’ll even be able to hop the lines.

For the Techie Types


Solaris In-ear head Headphones from Campfire Audio

These tiny in-ear phones from Campfire Audio will blow any audiophile which their combination of size and quality. Handmade in Oregon, they are the finest earbuds the company, which specializes in great audio products, has to offer. It also comes with a high-quality “Super Liz” cable while further guarantees the richest of the sound.


Start Free Scan from MyCleanPC

Is your tech-addict loved one overdue for a clean-up? When you’re a computer obsessive, nothing’s worse than long wait times. Help them get rid of useless programs, stray ZIP files, videos, and anything else that may be clogging up their computer with MyCleanPC’s scan and cleanup service.


Owlet Sock and Cam from Owlet Care

For tech-savvy new parents, the Owlet Sock and Cam does more than just help them trace their infant’s sleep and movements while they are out of the nursery. Along with streaming audio and video to your smartphone, Owlet’s device can monitor their heart rate, oxygen levels, and overall wellness, as well as controlling the room temporary.


Wireless Speaker Kit from Rockler

Get a vintage look with this tiny portable speaker from Rockler. If you don’t like the look of plastic, beach-friendly Bluetooth devices, the Rockler may be for you, coming complete with a full wooden cabinet as well as controls. It also offers full volume and playback on the speaker, as well as on your phone.


HP Pavilion 32” LED-LCD Monitor from TigerDirect

Expand your techie family member’s home setup with a widescreen LED-LCD 32” monitor from HP Pavilion. It provides a good second screen to pair with a laptop, allowing not only for extra screen space during working or gaming, but for another easy way to stream television and movies in the home.


Stranger Things 3: The Game (Nintendo Switch) from Limited Run Games

There’s a good chance the gamer in your home has already experimented with, or become severely addicted to, the Nintendo Switch. If that person is a fan of Netflix streaming programming, also, then they’ve almost definitely dug into the service’s run-away sci-fi hit Stranger Things. Why not bring these two interests together and preorder them Stranger Things 3, the highly in-demand limited-run Switch game based on the show? It’s out December 6, so it’s a great time to secure your copy before they sell out.


Ready-To-Ship Gamer Master PC from Cyberpower PC

Has your loved one been talking for months or years about building their own supercomputer for faster gaming? It’s a common urge for RPG enthusiasts. But chances are, all their needs will be met with this ready-made master PC that boasts superior specs for any serious gamer, including a mighty motherboard, VR-ready video card, 512GB of memory, and plenty of RAM.