Curated gift ideas for stocking stuffers or the office

Watch these gift reviews and check our wish list recommendations for small gems and office mates.

The Possible with Pay gift guide compiles nearly 200 gift recommendations from this holiday season, all available from companies using Amazon Pay checkout. These unusual, useful, and fashionable items are at the ready for quick delivery so you can get them wrapped and ready in no time.

This list focuses on smaller items that will make for reliable and playful picks for friends in the office, or make for good stocking stuffers (though you might not be able to fit these great steaks we found in there). Enjoy this list of everything from gag t-shirts to bath bombs to smart lightbulbs, and add a nice little flourish to your haul of presents for 2020.

For the coworker

Dream Believe Achieve Bracelet from Mantraband

Available in five different shades, this stainless-steel inspiration bracelet exudes positive energy. For some, it may be a good way to keep their eyes on the prize while getting through a tough workday.

Santa Beard Tee from Original Penguin

Bestow upon your coworker the holiday swag they didn’t know they wanted: this Original Penguin long-sleeve tee featuring Father Christmas rocking shades Kanye West might have worn last decade, and a Fair Isle print in his beard.


Red Gloss Porcelain Teapot from English Tea Store

Is your office buddy trying to kick their coffee habit? Do you see them heating up mugs of hot water in the microwave to brew some Lipton’s? Class up their tea routine with this English teapot, which is safe to be nuked in the break room, but also works for a tasteful home item.


The Office Mash-Up Sherpa Blanket from NBC Store

Another great Office accessory is this blanket collecting some great quotes and reference from the legendary sitcom. The nice thing about this co-worker gift is that it works best as a comforting reprieve from the workplace—something to roll yourself up in on the couch after a long day.


Perspective Graphic Crewneck from Two Blind Brothers

This comfortable graphic tee is a doubly nice gift because its proceeds go to a good cause: helping fund research to find a cure for blindness. Make your co-worker feel like they are a small part of an important movement by just wearing this t-shirt to spread awareness.


PowerSheets One Year Intentional Goal Planner from Cultivate What Matters

Is your work pal frazzled all the time? Struggling to meet deadlines, or maintain a work/life balance? This 183-page goal-oriented planner is lovingly and elaborately designed to make sure you follow through on your 2020 New Year’s resolutions


Fleece Cape from Granny Jo Products

It’s hard to get immediate comfiness faster than draping yourself with some soft fleece. This playful fleece cape design from Granny Jo Products is good for days when the heat is down at the office, but also good for at-home relaxation and recalibration.

Not a Drill T-Shirt from 6 Dollar Shirts

A joke T-shirt for your co-worker is a fairly fail-safe Secret Santa gift option, even if they end up just wearing it to the gym or bed. Maybe they are even known for saying the catchphrase “This is not a drill,” and this T-shirt, complete with a picture of a hammer, will prove to be a good way to poke fun at them.

Stocking stuffer


Natural Bath Bombs Gift Set from Pure by Rachel Parker

For the member of your household who is always hogging the bath, or your friend the known bath enthusiast, Pure by Rachel Parker has this impressive and colorful bath bomb set, which looks like a box of bon-bons. Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Dead Sea Salt, Clay, Essential Oils, and many more are among the host of options.


AHA Face Cream from Dr. Michelle Copeland Skincare

Anyone who loves to keep a clean and clear face loves a new cream to try before bed. This Alpha Hydroxy Acid cream from Dr. Michelle Copeland’s online store is guaranteed to provide both a deep cleanse, remove dead skin, and reduce potential wrinkles.


Square Prints from Parabo Press

These attractive matte photo prints are perfect for highlighting family memories or big moments in a loved one’s life. You can also add a wood block for an extra special presentation. Get your nicest photos off your phone and onto your wall in style.


Personalized Ornaments from Pure Buttons

Pure Buttons are a hub for personalized production of anything, from photo magnets to graduation party favors. For the holiday season, consider using their services to create a custom ornament featuring a spouse, significant other, or family member. It’s a stocking stuffer you can take a sentimental, romantic, or playful approach to, depending on the photo you pick!


Rose Gold Medical ID Bracelet from Universal Medical Data

For a hospital-bound loved one, this stainless-steel rose-gold medical bracelet is a nice gesture, to make their time in the ward feel a bit more glamorous, or just to remind them that you are thinking of them always. Custom engraving is available as a design option.


The Keepsake Kitchen Diary for Newlyweds from Lily and Val

The Keepsake Kitchen Diary from Pittsburgh-based company Lily and Val puts a new spin on the home recipe book, offering families a chance to keep track of their meals, record their kitchen traditions, and add in special memories of moments from their home dining history.


Fits Light Hiker Crew Merino Socks from Rugged Outdoors

For the stocking of your most outdoorsy loved one, Rugged Outdoors offers a resilient hiking sock that’s specifically designed for the wear and tear of off-road adventures. Complete with extra cushioning to support the foot and a tight Full Contact Fit design that never results in loose bits of sock, it’s a game-changer for any hiker.


Wyze Bulb from Wyze

Always wanted to take a step toward a smarter household but never gotten around to setting it up? This smart bulb from Wyze is an easy first step to take. It features WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities that will allow your family to control the light with a clap of your hands or a verbal command to your Alexa or Google Assistant. Downloading the Wyze app allows for even more advanced functionality, including a dimmer function.


Kaland Throw from Seek and Swoon

Here’s an attractive throw blanket, inspired by designs the artist saw in a Hungarian church. It’s perfect for use on a large variety of furniture in the house, be it a bed, day bed, or couch, and pairs well with a host of possible color schemes.


Executive Gift Box from Plum Creek Wagyu Beef

Steak, Japanese-style. Satiate your loved one’s carnivorous side with this grab-bag full of different products featuring wagyu beef, from Plum Creek. Throw some burgers on the grill, fry up a sizzling steak, or throw some wagyu bacon next to the eggs before you leave for work. The set comes with specific cooking instructions for each item.

Black/Multicolor Laces from Hickies

These rainbow-colored snap-on laces from Hickies look vibrant and fun, but they also have a practical use. They work great for running, jumping, and other athletic activities that might normally result in loose laces, making them a great pick for the silliest jock or health nut in your family.