Curated gift ideas for fun or for road tripping

Watch these gift reviews and check our wish list recommendations for fun on the road or off.

The Possible with Pay gift guide is a carefully curated list of nearly 200 holiday gift choices available through Amazon Pay vendors. In these overviews, we highlight unique gift options in a variety of subcategories, while always trying to point you toward the best deal.

This list partially focuses on an essential part of the holiday gift equation: the non-serious gift. These deliberately random offerings range from doodads to outlandish electronics to holiday gag attire. Also, we’ll walk you through some options for the road-dog adventurer in your family or friend group. These items are essential to improving the quality of a long trip or providing fun in the great outdoors. Peruse below.

Just for fun


DC Comics Womens Vintage Print One-Button Blazer from

Outwardly, this is a standard women’s power blazer. Undo the front button though, and a vibrant spread of your favorite DC leading women—Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn—reveals itself in the lining. Cuff the jacket and show off their grinning faces as well. It’s a great party trick for your family’s resident comic book nerd.


X Impala Floral Rollerskates from Cynthia Rowley

It’s hard not to instantly fall in love with an item as distinctive and vibrant as this twist on old-school skates from Cynthia Rowley and Impala Rollerskates, which features a colorful floral print across the boot and wheels. Prepare your friend or loved one for summer skating with these one-of-a-kind beauties.


Seahawk Sun Hat from Shelta Hat

This sun hat from Shelta, complete with removable cord, is fit for any kind of outdoor activity, whether beach lounging, hiking, or waiting for your favorite act at an outdoor music festival. Available in nine different colors—including three different types of camo—it’s particularly well-designed for water sports, due to a fixed brim that allows the hat to float.


Christmas Tree Light-Up Sweater Dress from Forever 21

Ridiculous holiday accessories never get old. If you’d prefer a Christmas tree sweater to the minidress we recommended earlier, try this tinsel-covered sweater, complete with structured hoop-skirt hem.


Alesis Nitro Mesh Electronic Drum Set Bundle from Kraft Music

Has someone close to you always wanted to learn the drums? Or perhaps you have a young child raring to play, but you’re afraid of the noise that might come from the garage at all hours. This electronic drum set from Alesis is a great place to start perfecting the craft without investing in a full kit, and can be played with an enclosed set of headphones after hours.


Titan 2020 Gaming Chair from Secret Lab

The Secret Lab Titan is more than a mere office chair; it’s more of a cockpit, or perhaps a throne. Customizable in several different styles, it offers superior comfort and support as well as maximum durability and a distinctive look fit for a serious computer gamer.


Major League Ballparks Scratch-Off Chart from Pop Chart

For the baseball fan closest to you, this fun scratch-off chart from Pop Chart helps track visits to different ballparks around the country, creating a rainbow of color the more they travel.


T-Shirt Quilt from Project Repat

Give your loved one a surprise by repurposing those old, worn-out T-shirts they grew out of, still gathering dust in their closet: create a custom T-shirt quilt with the help of Project Repat. After receiving your mailed-in items, the company sews together a comfy, fleece-backed tapestry guaranteed to provide more years of use than the T-shirts themselves.


Mini Classic CT Countertop Water Distiller from My Pure Water

This convenient, high-quality countertop water distiller guarantees clean and fresh-tasting water, and is a great gift for a loved one who wants to take a step beyond the Brita filter. It’s perfect for making a cool and fresh water bottle to take to work.


Holiday Red and White Striped Tie and Pocket Square Set from Tiemart

Roll up to the holiday party looking like the best-dressed candy cane in town with this oversized necktie and pocket square combo. Combine your yuletide cheer with some Halloween prankishness, and try not to drink too much eggnog in the process.


The Crimson | University of Alabama Hawaiian Shirt from Tellum and Chop

Though it’s themed after the Crimson Tide, you don’t even need to be a University of Alabama fan to enjoy this incredible red-and-white Hawaiian shirt design. It’s just too good. You can thank the wacky crew at acclaimed Colorado sportswear brand Tellum and Chop for this one-of-a-kind product.


Wilson Ultra 100 CV Mini Racquet from Midwest Sports

This mini tennis racket won’t work on a court, unless you’re rallying at Santa’s Workshop with the elves. Just 10 inches tall, this Wilson joke racket is perfect as an oversize ornament, or just a perfect prank gift for the tennis fan in your family.


Monopoly Set: Shinola Detroit Edition from Shinola

This specialty game set from Detroit-based luxury design brand Shinola pays tribute to the company’s hometown. Customized with a board and pieces specific to Motor City, it’s a unique Monopoly set that’s full of character, for Detroit residents or enthusiasts, or just fans of the game looking for an interesting new design.


The Fallen Lightsaber from Ultra Sabers

The Rise of Skywalker, the highly anticipated new entry in the Star Wars franchise, is out this holiday season, so why not buy the Star Wars freak closest to you one of the finest fake lightsabers money can buy? Choose from a number of delightfully nerdy color and style options—for instance, Combat Ready or Standard models.


Vandelay Industries T-Shirt from 6 Dollar Shirts

Seinfeld is timeless, and in some cases, part of the glue that holds a strong family or relationship together. Pay tribute to George Costanza’s fake Latex company by purchasing this cleverly designed satirical tee for a Seinfeld obsessive you love.


Stickybones - The Insanely Poseable Magnetic Figure from Stickybones

Stickybones’ action figures are moldable to almost any position thanks to their flexible polymer material. While they are designed for use by artists and animators, they can also be endless fun to fidget with, and perfect for a playful (and endless distracting) desk fixture.

For the road trip


IO In-ear Headphones from Campfire Audio

For endlessly transportable headphones—perfect for a nap in the backseat or falling asleep in a sleeping bag—try these Campfire Audio in-ear headphones, with optional cord. These are perfect for the music lover in your family looking for higher fidelity sound on the go than standard earbuds can offer.


Single Mystery Tackle Box from Karl’s Bait and Tackle

If your loved one’s travels often involve a fishing trip, consider this grab bag of tackle options from Karl’s Bait and Tackle to be an excellent way to test out new bait and fishing techniques. The box is available in different versions customized to your target fish or season.


Banded RedZone Elite 2.0 Insulated Breathable Wader from DNW Outdoors

These high-quality waders are perfect for hunters, fisherman, and outdoorsmen who regularly move comfortably through water. Complete with advanced insulation and temperature control capability, they provide maximum mobility and durability even in intense conditions.


Century 2 Road Bike from Diamondback

Diamondback’s Century 2 model is durable and perfect for long distance riding, with a body and seat designed to promote the comfort of the rider and offer maximum control at the same time. This is a great and cost-effective choice for a loved one looking to log some serious miles.


Gravity Travel Blanket from Gravity Blankets

This cozy 10lb travel blanket rolls up easily and fits into a travel case. It can be easily affixed to the top of a piece of carry-on luggage, and used for comfort during a red-eye plane trip, as a couch-surfing aid, for an extra bit of comfort on a stiff hotel bed, and so much more.


Fuel Black Triton Wheels from Realtruck

These glossy black rims will give your loved one’s truck a total makeover. With a twisted spoke design and deep lip, they are perfect for a driver with attitude, who wants to make their truck command attention on the road, and maybe strike a little fear into the hearts of anyone who attempts to cut them off.


Krampade 2K from Krampade

Krampade is an electrolyte-infused sports drink that does what its name suggests: prevents cramping and muscle health with a healthy dose of dietary potassium. It’s a drink perfectly designed for the needs of mountain and long-distance bikers, and would be a great addition to any travel bag of provisions.


Trident FastFold Tonneau Cover from Auto Accessories Garage

A resilient, easy-to-use, and cost-effective cover for a pickup truck is harder to come by than you might think. This Trident tonneau cover, however, installs easily with no tools or drilling and remains secure and sealed off during extreme driving or weather conditions. It helps that it comes at a bargain of a price point, too.


Happy Camper Spare Tire Cover from Custom Tire Covers

Give your family Jeep’s spare tire the flair it deserves with this cute, lightly Grateful-Dead-themed cover featuring bears relaxing with marshmallows, wine, and jams in the backwoods.