Curated gift ideas for discerning tastes or health nuts

Watch these gift reviews and check our wish list recommendations for both tastemakers and triathletes.

The Possible with Pay gift guide brings you nearly 200 hand-selected gifts and unique finds all from brands offering Amazon Pay. As you browse through the guide, we invite you to discover there really is something for everyone no matter who you’re shopping for this holiday.

For this installment, we’re got a selection of thoroughly tasteful gifts for those with refined palates – you know, the people on your list who aren’t always easy-to-please, let alone shop for. And for the fitness-tracking, paleo-provisioned, health nuts in your life, you’ll also find a great selection of gift ideas that should cover almost every fad diet or new-fangled workout.

When nothing else will do


Rolex GMT-Master II Batman Men’s Watch from Authentic Watches

Can you ever go wrong with a Rolex? This stainless steel and sapphire crystal men’s watch is a tacit admission of unimpeachable taste, boasting the high-quality, precision engineering for which Rolex is known. And thanks to Authentic Watches’ lifetime warranty, it’s a gift that can last generations.


18 Karat Gold Bead Bracelet from Chris Aire

Make their pulses race with something special for their wrists. A unisex bracelet featuring Buffalo bone beads and 18K amber hue gold accents, this bangle from Chris Aire looks great solo or stacked with other wristwear.


The Felize Leather Moccasins from M. Gemi

Handcrafted in Toscana, Italy, this iconic women’s moccasin bring comfort, durability, and versatility to a design classic. Slip into The Felize instead of a pair of sneakers, and you’ll instantly upgrade your next trip to the store or stroll through the park.


Shinola Monster Dive Watch from Shinola

Designed especially for divers, the Shinola Monster Dive Watch will dress up anyone’s wrist, even if he’s never strapped on a SCUBA tank. Inspired by the natural beauty of the Great Lakes, the Dive Watches line are powered by precision Swiss engineering and feature a high-grade stainless steel case.


AutoBrush for Kids from Autobrush

Sure, a spoonful of sugar might help the medicine go down, but what’s all that glucose doing to children’s teeth? Bring some metaphorical sugar to kid’s brush time with the AutoBrush for Kids – a unique, and uniquely fun, approach to dental care.


ZERØGRAND Hiker Boot from Cole Haan

Whether he’s itching to summit Everest or just trying to avoid getting cold feet on his commute, these Cole Haan hiker boots are an ideal way to traverse the rain, sleet, or snow-covered terrain ahead. Water-resistant leather and sealed seams promise dry feet, and that grooved sole will make for a solid grip.


Extang Xceed Tonneau Cover from RealTruck

A flatbed truck is built to haul just about anything, but it’s not always equipped to keep your cargo secure, safe, or dry. Enter the Extang Xceed tonneau cover, which not only boosts great weather resistance, but also opens up easily to offer full access to the truck bed without having to remove the cover.


Roskilde Boots from Duckfeet

Minimalist Danish design and natural fit combine in this classic, handcrafted Chelsea boot. Available in both men’s and women’s sizes, the Roskilde are built for the great outdoors, while fit for a Danish prince or princess. (BTW, it’s pronounced [raw-ski-luh].)


DolceVita Stainless Steel Women’s Watch from Longines

The Longines DolceVita, as the name suggests, draws upon an Italian splendor modulated by classical elegance. Whether dancing in the Trevi fountain or heading into a business meeting, this women’s watch brings glamour and grace to whoever wears it.

For the health nut


Pure Copper Water Bottle from American Ayurveda

While hydration is essential even for those of us confined to a desk, it’s also important that we hydrate the right way – and that means avoiding dangerous chemicals that often lurk in plastic water bottles. This water bottle is the perfect choice, crafted from high-quality copper, which is known for its anti-bacterial, anti-carcinogenic properties.


Fitbit Charge 2 Slide from AMID

This sleek and simple addition to your Fitbit device will ensure that you can swim longer and train harder without worrying about damage to your tracker’s electronics. The slide cover can also be engraved with information about a user’s allergies or medical needs.


Get Lean Set from Crossrope

Crossrope has transformed the humble jump rope into a technological marvel, upgrading that plastic toy into a full-on fitness machine. Featuring two different weighted ropes that won’t tangle, an ergonomically designed handle, as well as app-based workouts, this is perfect for weight-loss and cardio.


Gravity Travel Blanket from Gravity Blankets

The value of a great sleep cannot be understated, and yet far too many of us find ourselves tossing and turning every night. That’s where gravity blankets come in, offering a miracle cure for restless sleepers. This Gravity Travel blanket will keep you covered when you hit the road, with its smaller size and premium carrying case.


Wellness Sampler Set from Plant Therapy

Specializing in 100% pure essential oils, Plant Therapy offers aromatherapy-based health that also happens to smell great. This Wellness Sampler Set is a great way to boost your resistance to seasonal illnesses, packing a Germ Fighter, Immune Aid, and Respir Aid in a beautiful wooden box.


Atem Personal Air Purifier with Car Adapter from Sylvane

We’re all concerned about the air quality in our homes – but when is the last time you considered the pollutants in your car, office, or hotel room? This portable purifier from Atem doesn’t just trap pollen, dust, and more; it also absorbs odors, chemicals, and gases.


TRX Slam Ball from TRX

Leave that medicine ball where it belongs – in the 1950s. The TRX Slam Ball is a heavy-duty, sand-filled training tool designed to handle whatever your workout might bring. With a textured tread surface to offer slip-resistant grip, the TRX Slam Ball perfect for intense training of all kinds.


Chirp Wheel+ from Chirp

No matter how fit we are, back pain often lurks after a workout or just a hard day at the office. The Chirp Wheel+ offers back pain relief like nothing else, fitting between the shoulder blades to allow users the ability to roll out their entire back and neck without losing stability.


Century 2 Road Bike from Diamondback Bike

Designed for long-distance bike rides but still maintain an aerodynamic commitment to speed, the Century 2 is a beautifully crafted, ingeniously engineered ride that’s perfect for anyone whose idea of the perfect bike trip covers many, many miles ahead.


Sample Bundles from Keto Chow

The no-carb lifestyle might be gaining in popularity, but ketosis-inducing cuisine remains remarkably difficult to find. This bundle of six Keto Chow flavors not only makes it easy to get complete keto nutrition on-the-go, but also happens to taste great.