Curated gift ideas for bargain hunters or kids

Watch these gift reviews and check our wish list recommendations for those with a budget or with a kid on their list.

The Possible with Pay gift guide brings you nearly 200 hand-selected gifts and unique finds all from brands offering Amazon Pay. As you browse through the guide, we invite you to discover there really is something for everyone no matter who you’re shopping for this holiday.

Even the best-planned budget can explode when it comes time to do the holiday shopping, so if you want to ensure your credit cards haven’t melted from overuse come January, we’ve got the perfect present – a selection of great gift ideas all under $100. And we’re helping you tackle another common challenge when the holidays arrive – what to get the kids. These presents cover everything from sweet newborn to surly adolescent.

Gifts Under $100


Chamonix Ebreon Parka 2019 from The House

Not only will this insulated parka keep your loved warm protected from the elements but it will also store just about anything you can imagine – with pockets for everything from a media player (with an audio port included) to your ski pass.

Nighttime Ritual Bundle from Beachwood Essentials

Help your loved one find the tranquility they need to get to sleep with this essential oil diffuser and scents from Beachwood Essentials. Simply add water, and few drops of oil, to the water diffuser, and the environment will be immediately transformed by mood-lifting aromatherapy.


Long-Sleeve Cardigan from Chico’s OTR

Dressing well in wintertime requires an eye for layering – choosing those classic pieces that will work together. This cardigan from Chico’s OTR makes for the perfect staple in any winter wardrobe – long and lightweight and sure to add some heat to any frigid fashion wardrobe.


Short Sleeve 4 Pocket Guayabera from Cubavera

Add some tropical island heat to your love one’s wardrobe with this classic, Cuban-style guayabera. Constructed from 100% linen materials, this laid-back fashion staple will dress up a pair of shorts or pair perfectly with any pair of shorts.


Women’s Sherpa Lined Non-skid Slipper Socks from Deal Genius

There’s just one problem with a cozy pair of socks – they’re not very safe for navigating stairs or slippery floors. That’s where these lined non-skid slipper socks come in. Available in a variety of festive color combinations, they will warm the heart – and feet – of someone you love this holiday season.


D&G Light Blue Eau De Toilette from

Writing about fragrance is a little bit like dancing about architecture – not very illuminative. But we’ll give it a whirl for this classic eau de toilette from D&G. With strong notes of lemon and apple bringing the sense of springtime, the scent also features hints of cedar and white rose for that romantic feel.


Weighted Sleep Mask from Gravity

Want to be a holiday all-star? Help the troubled sleeper in your life get a solid eight hours. The weighted sleep mask from Gravity is a great place to start, offering perfect pressure simulation, light blocking, and micro-plush comfort to help anyone take a quick trip to slumber town.


“She Believed She Could” Bracelet from MantraBand

Offer a daily dose of inspiration with this beautiful bangle, inscribed with the words, “She believed she could, so she did.” This delicate band does more than simply provide a daily reminder of strength and determination, it also looks great, crafted with a thick overlay of 18K gold.


Head Elite Backpack from Midwest Sports

Tennis rackets, much like yoga mats or tubas, don’t travel all that gracefully. But if you have an aspiring court ace in your life, you can ease their travels with this Head brand backpack, featuring compartments for a racket, a pair of sneakers, and just about anything else that Serena wannabe can throw in.


Hardcover Photobook from Parabo Press

Maybe you’ve shared those perfect pics over text message, but here’s the perfect way to turn them into something more meaningful, a 32-photo hardcover book that beautifully reproduces the memories you don’t want to forget. Parabo’s photo book is 8-inches square, making it perfect for printing from Instagram.


Rockler Lock-Align Master Kit from Rockler

We all have one in our life – the agents of chaos who can’t seem to get organized or get there on time. Give them a hand with getting their lives decluttered with this unique collection of organizing components that fit any drawer, bringing some order to every life.


Mind over Matter T-shirt from Two Blind Brothers

This short-sleeve shirt doesn’t just look good – it also does good. Two Blind Brothers donates 100% of their profits to the search for a cure to blindness; a mission that this soft shirt pays subtle homage with raised braille accents in puff paint.


Wyze Cam Pan from

Keep an eye on your pets or your privacy with this remarkable 1080p HD camera that offers 360-degree coverage of any room. Best of all, Wyze Cams also live stream to any Alexa device with a screen – simply say “Alexa, show me the living room,” and you’ll get the picture.


Electric 3-in-1 Blower/Mulcher/Yard Vacuum from Worx

Upgrade the experience for any outdoors type with this remarkably versatile device for any kind of yard work the changing seasons might bring. Those leaves in the yard? This Trivac will blow them away; it will also vacuum them up or turn them into mulch.


Everyday Hipster Support Leggings from BLANQI

This perfectly engineered pair of postpartum leggings is designed to smooth hips and reduce muffin tops without compromising on comfort. BLANQI’s seamless, 360-degree knit means there’s never anything constricting or chafing about this much-loved product.

For the kids

Forehead and Ear Thermometer from Baby Doppler

For anxious new parents (which means pretty much every new parent), this forehead and ear thermometer should go some way toward easing their minds. And it’s not just for kiddies, this Baby Doppler thermometer also makes it easy to check the temperature of any member of the family who might be ailing.

Animated Story Reading Christmas Talking Teddy Bear from Deal Genius

We all know it’s essential for parents to read to their kids, but sometimes – especially around the holidays – there just isn’t enough time. This teddy bear makes for the perfect, and perfectly cute, surrogate, joyfully reading “The Night Before Christmas” with a musical accompaniment.

Classics in a Suitcase Set from Design Life Kids

For the especially discerning kid, this high design set of unbreakable plate, cup, and bowl will make for the perfect gift. With a font inspired by 1937 Arne Jacobsen Typography, this isn’t just another set of kiddie alphabet soup. The complete set is available in A-Z.

Creative Inspiration Gel Pens from Jerry’s Artarama

There are 120 colors in this rainbow of gel pens, in an assortment of artist, pastel, glitter, metallic, and neon colors. And the parents of whoever is lucky enough to get these pens will also be happy – Jerry’s Artarama promises that they will smear less than other gel inks, which should make for easier cleanup.

Casio Privia Digital Piano from Kraft Music

It’s hard to find a better digital pian at a price like this. The Casio Privia uses a proprietary sound source to offer incredible realism, detail, and texture to every note. And the “Hammer Action” of the keyboard makes for the feel of a real grand piano, so the burgeoning Beethoven can be prepared for any concert hall.

KidSafe Starter Set from Plant Therapy

These essential oils have been specially formulated to ensure absolute safety for children, while also helping improve their bed time or school time. Offering a selection of oils for immune boosting, attentiveness, nighttime relaxation and more, this Plant Therapy Starter Set is a perfect gift.

Olli Ella Strolley from The Tot

This playful-yet-classic hand-woven rattan basket on wheels is the perfect pushcart for your little one to transport baby dolls, toys, or grocery shopping. Crafted from the finest non-toxic, sustainable materials, this 6.5 pound pushcart is perfect for ages two to four.


Sea Life Puzzle from Stages Learning Materials

To date, we have mapped less than 20 percent of the oceans. Encourage the next generation to have an interest in the deep blue sea while still maintaining an air of mystery with this beautiful Sea Life Puzzle, with solid wood cubes featuring beautiful images from our water-based friends.