Curated by Pay: 14 ways to usher in Spring with your Amazon account

A collection of Amazon Pay employees’ personal recommendations for your spring shopping considerations.

There’s a hint of warmth in the air, Daylight Savings approaches, and Marie Kondo fever has gripped the world – in other words, there’s no time like the present to start your spring cleaning. Check out this collection of Amazon Pay employees’ personal recommendations to greet the new season with a spring in your step.

Get Organized

Kitchen cabinet organizers from Build.com. Take spring cleaning to a whole new level and up you organizational game with these cabinet organizers. Whether you’re trying to organize your spice rack or get those pots and pans out of sight, Build.com has you covered.

E15 Mate shelves from Nest.co.uk. Combining stunning modern design with an unobtrusive footprint, these smart shelves will stop those slowly accumulating piles of books and magazines from taking over your life. They also offer some flexibility if you are looking for a fresh look for the season without a lot of work.

Monkey Bars from Garage Organization. If you’re a skier or snowboarder, spring can be a sad time. It can also be an organizational nightmare, as all of that equipment suddenly needs to be stashed away somewhere. This ski and snowboard rack from Monkey Bars mounts directly into your wall allowing you to store all that winter gear in one place.

Clean house

Asha Himalayan Salt Lamp from Aztec Candle & Soap Supplies. These lamps claim to emit energizing negative ions, purifying the air and improving mood. While the actual science behind that claim is up for debate, there’s no question salt lamps provide a beautiful and soothing light source.

Cyclone V10 Total Clean vacuum from Dyson. The cordless stick vacuums from Dyson are insanely effective at eliminating any possibility that your day will be ruined by an errant speck of dust or dirt.

The Gtech Pro vacuum from Gtech. Because one vacuum isn’t enough during this time year. This lightweight and versatile vacuum doesn’t just handle your floors with ease, it also features a handheld mode for cleaning difficult-to-reach spots in your car.

Platinum Power Max Carpet Cleaner from Vax. If there’s one thing that unites the Amazon Pay team, apparently, it’s a really good vacuum. Perfect for breathing second-life into your carpets, and promising to clean carpet five times better than the competition.

Decorative White Twig Tree from Hobbycraft. Coming in at more than three feet high (for those of us not metrically inclined), this decorative white twig tree makes for the perfect spring centerpiece while also inviting a variety of decorating options.

Air Purifier from Molekule. The air quality in your home might not be immediately apparent, but let’s face it – it’s crucial for your health. Molekule’s air purifiers don’t just look sharp, they’re also incredibly effective at filtering air at a molecular level.

A new scent from FragranceNet.com. A new season is the perfect time to update your fragrance, and with spring in the air, perhaps a nice floral signature is just what you’re sniffing around for.

Out with the old

The Purple Pillow from Purple. Spring cleaning is a great opportunity to take stock of your bedding and refresh items that are past their prime (we’re looking at you pillows). The Purple Pillow features adjustable firmness and a cooling cover that will keep you comfortable as temperatures start to rise.

Slip-on sneakers from Rothy’s. Now that you can finally stash away those winter boots, it’s time to step out in style. Rothy’s line of slip-on sneakers don’t just look great, they’re also environmentally sound, made from recycled water bottles once destined for a landfill. Refreshing!

Ultra Easyclean Round Shower Handset from BigBathroomShop. Old showerheads, it turns out, are teeming with bacteria. If that’s not enough to encourage you to get a new fixture, the sleek design of this round shower handset should do the trick.

Gardening gloves from Matijardin. Of course springtime isn’t all about getting clean; it’s also the perfect chance to start digging in the dirt. These smart gardening gloves will have you tending garden with ease.