Checkout is a joyride when you use Amazon Pay on Avis

Get 10% back when you rent a car, plus up to 30% off base rates.

When you rent a car from Avis, log in with Amazon and skip the forms at checkout by looking for the Amazon Pay button. Because Amazon Pay uses the same billing and shipping information that’s already safely stored in your Amazon.com account, you don’t have to waste time inputting address or credit card details — or creating new logins and passwords.

Better yet, you’ll also get up to 30% off base rates when you sign in with Amazon and complete your purchase with Amazon Pay, plus 10% back in an Amazon.com gift card.

With Amazon Pay, it’s never been easier to get on the road. Here’s how:

1. Click Log In on the upper right-hand side of the Avis page.


2. Choose Login with Amazon and sign in to your account, then click to allow Avis to access your profile. You can remove access at any time.

3. Select your car and choose Pay Now. On the next page, scroll down and click Proceed to Checkout.


4. On the checkout page, you can skip the forms. Just scroll down to find the Amazon Pay button. When you click it, a confirmation box will pop up. Click OK.

It’s that easy. When you log in with Amazon and check out with Amazon Pay, it’s always fast, easy, and secure. So get your motor running: it’s time for your next road trip.

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