Bigpoint games scores huge

The German video game developer experienced 26% higher shopping cart values with Amazon Pay instant checkout.

If you’re a gamer, the last thing you want to do is to leave the game you’re playing to pay for the next round. In fact, these kinds of interruptions can result in leaving the game when you really want to continue playing.

Bigpoint, a developer of browser-based and social networking games, prides itself on creating great games for all types of gamers. The company has quickly grown into one of the largest gaming businesses in Germany, and has 400 employees located in more than 35 countries. To improve the gaming experience, Bigpoint wanted to streamline the payment process so players can pay without disrupting their games.

The company had already been offering Amazon Pay to its US customers and decided to expand the payment method to gamers in Germany. Using Amazon Pay’s instant checkout feature, players can pay using the Amazon credentials already stored in their Amazon accounts. They simply add their Amazon account once and then select instant checkout as the default payment method—quickly paying without interrupting the flow of the game.

“With Amazon Pay and the instant checkout feature, our players can make recurring in-game payments incredibly quickly.” –

- Nils Plohmann, Head of Payments, Bigpoint

By adding Amazon Pay, Bigpoint boosted customer loyalty and motivated gamers to keep on playing. Today, 15% of Bigpoint’s online gaming transactions are made via instant checkout. What’s more, customers using the instant checkout feature generate an average 26% higher shopping cart values compared to those completing the traditional checkout process.

Not only has revenue risen, but shopping cart abandonments have decreased significantly with Amazon Pay, from 27% to 19%—and they continue to shrink. According to Nils Plohmann, Head of Payments at Bigpoint, the success the company has achieved with Amazon Pay has been groundbreaking in the highly competitive online gaming industry.

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