All about @patternbeauty: Tracee Ellis Ross and the many patterns of beauty

How Tracee Ellis Ross celebrates diversity and beauty by embracing natural hair.

Tracee Ellis Ross is a multitalented entertainer known for her decades-long career as an actress on iconic shows like Girlfriends and family favorites like Black-ish. Her Instagram account is just as epic as her career, filled with bold outfits, funny videos, behind-the-scenes peeks at her glamorous life — which are more relatable than you would think — and glorious selfies featuring her signature big hair.


To celebrate and nurture her iconic curls, Ross founded Pattern Beauty, a natural hair care brand designed to help care for, and style curly hair. Pattern by Tracee Ellis Ross aims to make everyone feel as confident as Ross is by celebrating their natural beauty and bringing out the best in their hair.

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Filling a gap in the market

When you think of Ross, you likely think of her big laugh and big hair. The entertainer is proud of her bouncy curls and always finding new ways to style them — but that hasn’t always been the case. According to Ross, it took a while for her to understand her hair.

Mostly, this was because of a lack of representation. After a childhood spent seeing advertisements for products promising glossy, straight hair, Ross decided to make her own brand — one that celebrated curls like hers. “It was also so difficult for me to find curly hair products that worked for my hair type growing up, and I wanted to close that gap,” she told Elle. And thus, Pattern by Tracee Ellis Ross was born.


Pattern Beauty’s styling products are the hair essentials she wishes she had growing up. Though she is known for her bold curls now, it took a while for Ross to figure out what she wanted — and what her hair wanted. For anyone at a loss with taking care of their hair, Pattern by Tracee Ellis Ross promises to meet you where you are in your hair journey and give you the confidence to let your hair be.

Celebrating beauty in all forms

Ross has always been a proponent of natural beauty and highlighting the parts of yourself you love. Instead of trying to assimilate to the images of straight hair she was used to seeing, she founded Pattern Beauty so other people could live her ethos and celebrate their own innate beauty.

According to Ross, “Beauty ends up being a portal to your soul” (via Glossy). Her products are deeply personal and have grown from her own values about the importance of representation and diversity. By using her platform to highlight different types of beauty, Ross has empowered and inspired people to find beauty in their natural curls.

Pattern Beauty’s promise

As part of her vision, Ross wanted to make sure to specifically “embrace, love, and celebrate” the resilience of BIPOC women and their natural hair.

A value-driven brand, Pattern by Tracee Ellis Ross is an approachable, effective tool in your hair-care journey. They promise to meet you where you are and help you bring out the best in your curls. They are also committed to accessibility and emphasize that they are an affordable brand so that everyone can experience the joy of celebrating their curls.


But this doesn’t mean they sacrifice quality — the opposite. Unlike many affordable brands, Pattern Beauty’s styling products are made of natural ingredients without the harmful chemicals found in most brands. The nourishing ingredients are built to support all hair patterns, no matter how coily and tight.

Giving back

Pattern Beauty is part of Ross’ commitment to give back to her community. Through diversity and representation, she gives a voice to underrepresented communities and uses her products as a way to empower women in their own beauty beyond traditional definitions.

But Pattern Beauty isn’t making change through images alone — they also support programs that empower women and people of color. Pattern Beauty donates to organizations working in their communities, like African American Policy Forum, Black Lives Matter, Color of Change, Equal Justice Initiative, NAACP Legal Defense Fund, the United Way Worldwide COVID-19 Community Response & Recovery Fund, and Asian Americans Advancing Justice (AAJC). Each of these organizations does work that resonates with the values of Pattern Beauty and Ross herself.

Introducing: The Curl Guide

Before Ross could properly style her hair into the iconic hairdos she sports today, she had to understand it. Learning that there is more than one type of “curly” hair was instrumental to taking care of her curls and bringing out their best. To help others on their journey, Pattern by Tracee Ellis Ross has designed the Curl Guide, a comprehensive guide to understanding your curls.


The curls are divided into categories of tightness and damage to make sure that Pattern Beauty’s styling products can meet you where you are in your hair journey. The first step is figuring out if you have tight hair, coily hair, curly hair, or locs — all with tips to figure out how to identify your hair tightness. Then you identify your hair damage, from dry/damaged to transitioning, and then identify your hair porosity and input if you have protective styles.

Armed with information and personalized tips, you can find the products that will do the most for your hair.

Find the product that will transform your hair

Pattern Beauty makes all the natural hair care products you need for whatever your hair type is — and they even give you recommendations to take you through your hair journey, no matter what level you’re at.


Some of their staple products could find a home in anyone’s bathroom cabinet. Their leave-in conditioner is one of their signature products and keeps your hair soft and nourished between wash days. Anyone with curls knows the trials of having to keep their hair moisturized, but the leave-in conditioner makes it easy.


With the styling cream, your curls stay defined in all the versatile looks curly hair types can create. This award-winning hair cream provides superior moisture to keep your hair in place when setting twist outs, braid outs, bantu knots, and wash-and-gos. For even deeper hydration, use the jojoba oil blend, a lightweight oil mixture that gives your hair all the nourishment of jojoba without weighing down your hairstyle.

And if you’re styling your hair on the go, use the shower brush as you wash your hair for low-effort detangling and to make your whole hairstyling process easier.

As Ross knows, good hair doesn’t have to be a hassle. Good hair is about letting your hair be its best and celebrating its natural beauty. Get your hassle-free products by checking out with Amazon Pay — another easy, quick experience that will take you through checkout securely by using the information already stored in your account.