A moveable feast

Inspired by Vikings, the portable, all-natural Burnie Grill will have you cooking with fire this summer, from the campsite to the tailgate.

The great outdoors has never been stronger. Last year alone, more than 66 million people went camping in the U.S., and more than 8 million of them were trying camping for the very first time. As more people discover the joys of hiking, trekking, and sleeping under the stars, they’ve also come to appreciate the simple pleasures of grilling whatever they want, wherever they want.

Whether on the beach, hunting, fishing, tailgating, Burnie provides the most eco-friendly way to enjoy outdoor barbecuing with great alder wood flavor.


The single-use, self-burning Burnie portable grill makes it possible to host a delicious cookout anywhere. Made from 100% natural alder wood, the environmentally friendly Burnie contains no chemicals, requires no lighter fluid, and lights easily with a single match. It not only makes your food taste better, it also burns down completely to ash when you’re done — returning to the earth with no waste or mess to clean up.

How it works

Based on a centuries-old Nordic technique for burning alder wood stumps, the carry-anywhere Burnie is designed to utilize the slow-burning, sustainable hardwood to its maximum potential. Both the natural outer ring and the charcoal inside are made from the same alder wood, which imparts a subtle smoky aroma and unique umami as it gently sears your meats, fish, and vegetables.

You can toss a Burnie into your own grill or smoker, or take it with you to get that same great barbecue taste anywhere. The 12-inch Large Grill weighs 5 pounds and provides 2.5 hours of cooking time. The Medium is 9 inches in diameter and weighs just 3 pounds — ideal for backpacks — yet still provides 1.5 hours of wood-fired grilling. Both come with easy-lighting removable wicks for one-and-done simplicity when you’re ready to fire them up, and absolutely nothing artificial.


To cook with a Burnie, all you really need is a pan or a grill grate. And if you don’t have your own portable grill, the Burnie-Q Collapsible Grill Set makes an ideal mate. Designed to fit both the Large and the Medium Burnie, the grill set comes with its own carrying case and collapses down for easy transport.

To make it even easier, go for the Essential Burnie Grill Set. The set includes everything you need to take the superior flavor of natural-smoked alder wood grilling with you wherever your appetite may roam. You’ll get a reusable Burnie-Q Collapsible Grill and three medium Burnies for cooking everything from burgers and brats to steaks and asparagus on demand. And as the Vikings knew all too well, that alder wood does wonders for salmon.

In the mood for s’mores? You can throw a Burnie into any fire pit for an instant campfire. No more searching in vain for wood that may not even light.

Fired up, ready to go


With a Burnie Grill on hand, you’re always just one lit match away from a beautiful meal. And just because the Burnie is simple doesn’t mean your food needs to be. It’s capable of delivering far more culinary complexity than mere marshmallows and red meat. Burnie’s classic recipes take advantage of all the flavor-enhancing benefits of cooking over an alder wood fire, whether you’re grilling, roasting, or smoking. For a gourmet taste of what the mighty might of grills can do, try the Spicy Coconut and Lime Grilled Shrimp, the Fire-Roasted BBQ Oysters, or the Orange-Zest Lobster Tails. There are also great takes on Asian Salmon Kabobs, Honey Garlic Planked Wahoo, and Kanat Turkish Wings.

And the Burnie is more than just an eco-friendly, chemical-free way to cook with all-natural wood fuel.


The Burnie also is the ideal gift for anyone who loves great-tasting food and the great outdoors, whether they’re hunters, anglers, campers, hikers, beachgoers, boaters, RV enthusiasts, tailgaters, or backyard grillers.

Put some Burnie Grills in your cart for everyone on your list — or gift yourself a few for your next barbecue. And when you’re ready to check out, be sure to select Amazon Pay as your payment method so you can skip right past the forms. Because Amazon Pay uses the same billing and shipping information already stored in your account, shopping for Burnies is as fast and easy as lighting them.