A day in the life: The small business owner

Find out what’s Possible with Pay as Jeff, a fictional cycling aficionado and Queen fan, walks us through his day.

From planning training sessions at work to finding time for a social life, life has never been busier, especially when you’re also trying to run a new business. In this blogpost, we’ll get a bird’s-eye view of Jeff’s life, a fictitious café owner, cycling enthusiast, and Queen fan.

We’ll find out more about how Amazon Pay – a speedy payment method that requires no sign-up and no new passwords – can make it easier to navigate life, from morning lattes to lights out.

About Jeff the café owner[1]

Age: 44
Preferences and habits:

  1. He’s a creature of habit.
  2. He values a quick and easy shopping experience.
  3. He likes to receive orders quickly.
  4. He can’t resist a bargain.
  5. He may abandon the shopping journey if it takes too long.

Jeff’s Monday – A diary entry

9:00am – Rise and shine

You know when you oversleep and rush out of the house, wondering if you have all you need for the day? Well, that’s me today. I stayed up until midnight last night so that I could book one of my favorite weekly bootcamp classes. They’re very competitive, and the gym’s website crashes easily. You need to be incredibly fast to get the classes you want! Luckily, my gym offers Amazon Pay at checkout so I was done in no time with minimal effort. Lately, I’ve also been trying the Body Rock home workout series, because it’s half off the usual price.

9:25am – Fast and furious

It’s my turn to open the café today – my business partner and I alternate weeks. Luckily, my house isn’t too far away, so I put on my “I’m horribly late” playlist, a mix of pumping hits from the nineties, pop a Zellie’s since I don’t have time to brush, put on my ElectricStyles mask, and jump on my new bike. It’s a touring road bike, which I ordered last week from The House, using Amazon Pay to make sure the big purchase was protected. I’m excited for its maiden voyage.

10:00am – It’s showtime

Until the end of last year, I had a typical 9-to-5 office job, but after my six-year relationship came to an abrupt end, I decided to take life in a different direction and give myself a new challenge. Gone are the tailored suits of my past, now my new daily uniform is an apron. That reminds me: I need to order some more coffee cups for the shop from Katom. I quickly switch on the coffee machine, then use my phone to navigate to their website and place my order using Amazon Pay. By the time the first customer arrives a minute later, I’ve already received an email with my payment receipt. Easy.

12:30pm – Light lunch

With all the customers that come and go in a given day, time goes by rapidly. I actually met someone in the café last week, and tonight we’re seeing each other for our first date. We’re meeting in a nearby park for an evening picnic and Vietnamese Phở from my favorite restaurant. I’m getting excited to see him again, and can only manage a light bite for lunch.

2:00pm – New gear

I think that going forward I’ll need to use gloves when cycling, because my hands are dry. I find it cumbersome to make purchases from a new vendor online, as it often requires filling out a long form with personal information and credit card data. Since I want to avoid doing that, I go back to The House, where I got my bike, and speed through checkout using Amazon Pay. I already feel relieved that in a couple of days, I’ll by fully fitted for my commute.

3:30pm – Alexa, play that song

It’s the quietest hour of the day in the café, so I start working on the weekly inventory. I have to admit this isn’t my favorite thing to do, so I say, “Alexa, play hits from Queen.” “We Will Rock You” bursts out of the speakers. Classic. I love a good tune while checking to see how much milk we have left.

4:45pm – Final minutes

As I prepare to switch the lights off for the day, I find my mind wandering to what the evening will hold and what my date will be like. Hopefully it’s better than the disastrous one I had a few weeks back. Being back in the dating game is tough, especially when you’re in your forties. I turn the key in the lock, put my helmet on, mask up, pull my headphones out of my AFFLUENT case, and cycle back home to the sound of my “Time to go home” playlist.

6:30pm – Suited and booted

I want to make a good first impression, so I took my second shower of the day, put on my scent of the month, styled my curly hair, ironed my best-fitting shirt, and even conditioned my scruff with the last drops of beard oil left in the bottle. A friend hipped me to a new beard balm from Sun Gold Soaps, so before I leave the house, I order some new balm using my Amazon account.

11:00pm – A perfect date

Third time’s a charm, they say. This date was great despite an initial hiccup. I somehow missed the fact that he was a vegetarian and ordered him a brisket, flank pho. At least that helped to break the ice with Tim. We have a lot in common. It turns out we attended the same college, but we were in different years. I’d like to see him again. I’m tempted to watch a show on Prime Video before heading to bed, but then I remember how busy the café takeaway line has been the past few mornings, and decide to call it a night.

If you’re like Jeff, or just want to learn more about Amazon Pay, come discover what’s Possible with Pay.

[1] Amazon pay internal persona research.