A Day in the Life: The confident shopper

Find out what’s Possible with Pay as Janice, a fictional architect and mom, takes us through a day of working from home with her son.

Janice used to go entire days without seeing her 14-year-old son, Isaac. She would leave before he was awake and come home after he was asleep. But now that she’s working from home and he’s participating in remote school, they find themselves under the same roof a lot more than they’re used to — and it’s bringing them closer together.

Here’s how Amazon Pay — a speedy payment method that requires no sign-up and no new passwords — can make Janice’s shopping for her and her son even easier as she navigates working from home while also being a mom.

About Janice, the confident shopper

Age: 54
Priorities: Getting the best product and the best deal
Influences: Household and family, security and support, trust
Drivers: Reviews and recommendations, rewards programs
Barriers: An experience that doesn’t match her expectations, poor customer service, lack of information
Habits: A researcher and planner:

  • She likes to be in control of the household finances
  • She researches extensively before purchasing
  • She shares deals and finds with friends and family

Janice’s diary — Thursday

5:30 a.m.: Exercise

Now that every day is effectively Take Your Son to Work Day, the time that I have for myself is limited to those few hours before he wakes up. I’ve found that one of the key aspects of my mental health in this moment is exercise — and I’ve learned that if I don’t do it first thing in the morning, I won’t do it at all.

Part of the way I’ve incentivized working out is by outfitting myself in a great workout wardrobe. I put on my Shefit Ultimate Sports Bra, which is so comfortable and makes me feel invincible — it’s able to handle the kind of high-impact activity that I like to do. Now that I’m thinking about it, I realize that I want another one. I don’t know about you, but once I find something that really works for me, I stick with it.

On my way down to the treadmill in the basement, I pull up their website on my iPad, and in just a few simple steps, it’s on the way to my house. I’m not usually so trusting of random websites, but this time I used Amazon Pay, which means that I got to use the credit card information that I stored safely and securely in my Amazon account without having to worry.

7:00 a.m.: Getting dressed

I quickly hop in the shower and change out of my workout clothes — swapping my Shefit bra for my new ThirdLove bra, another brand that I recently adopted. My standards for comfort and fit have gotten a lot higher since I started to work from home. And speaking of comfort, now that I’m thinking about it, it might be time to replace this dirty old bath towel, too.

7:30 a.m.: Breakfast

Time to get Isaac out of bed. I’ve found that the fastest way to get him up is to bribe him with the smell of bacon. One of the things Isaac and I have been doing more of recently is cooking together — it’s been a fun and meaningful way to spend time together. But sometimes I feel like I can’t leave him alone in the kitchen without him inevitably burning whatever’s on the stove. As I stand over our stainless-steel pans that have taken such a beating this winter, I start thinking it might be time to do a little kitchen upgrade. I wonder what Isaac will think. That’s him coming down the stairs right now — I’ll ask him over breakfast.

8:30 a.m.: Class time

His first synchronous class is starting — he still looks asleep in my opinion, but at least it looks like he actually did his homework and came prepared today. I leave him to go get ready for my own remote meeting — I can hear his teacher’s voice emanating from the kitchen table while I head upstairs to the office.

I know that I’m going to have to bring my A game, so I decide to put on one of my brand-new lipsticks from Mented Cosmetics. One of the ways I’ve been rewarding myself, in case you couldn’t tell, is with good old-fashioned retail therapy. For Christmas, I treated myself to their lipstick kit — which came with three lipsticks that were perfectly matched to my skin tone. For the meeting, I decide I want a color that’s noticeable, but also highlights my responsible nature. I go for Mented #5 and instantly feel capable of whatever this day will throw my way.

11 a.m.: Tea break

That meeting went far better than we could have expected — in part because I promised them that I would stop by the site later today to check in and take a look at some of the things myself. Fortunately, Isaac’s school day ends around 4 p.m., so after that I don’t have to worry about monitoring him to make sure he’s doing his schoolwork.

While I’m making another cup of tea for myself, I start doing some research to see what kind of kitchenware would upgrade our cooking. I start reading all the five-star reviews of Hexclad Hybrid Cookware — it seems like the right solution for us, with a stainless steel and nonstick bottom that will help Isaac get more comfortable over the stove. In one review, a woman said she and her husband fought over who was going to use it — that’s a sign that I should get two, I think.

1 p.m.: Lunch

Isaac comes bounding up the stairs to tell me that he’s suddenly starving, and he’s getting restless but he has something that’s due for his Trigonometry teacher. I tell him to take a deep breath, and I’ll come right down and make him a sandwich.

While I help him with his Trig assignment and make him a sandwich, I decide that’s it a good time to start putting together a grocery list. While I’m going through the fridge, I ask Alexa to add a few items to my Whole Foods order: apples, orange juice, cheddar cheese, nut butter, and a whole lot of paper towels. We’re messy. At a certain point, Isaac keeps jokingly chiming in, trying to add things that we certainly are not going to get. “Alexa!” he shouts, “add chips to my Whole Foods cart! Add ice cream!” He keeps going to the point where I’m laughing so hard I think I’m going to cry. These are the surprisingly good moments of being together these days.

4 p.m.: Heading to the job

School’s out, the meetings are done for the day, and it’s time to finally head over to the job site. Suddenly, as if this day needed to get more complicated, it starts pouring rain. So much for wearing my new Black Afridrilles from Ubuntu Life. I change into my rain boots. But then, to make matters worse, the umbrella that I had in the car broke! Luckily, when I get to the site, one of my colleagues has an extra umbrella with him. I open it up and I immediately fall in love with it — you know how I appreciate good design. This umbrella is compact, is stylish, and opens smoothly and effectively. He tells me that it’s a Blunt Umbrella. I make a little note for myself in my phone as we’re touring the site — I want to make sure that I remember to check out their compact Metro umbrella when I get home.

6 p.m.: Dinner

Isaac sends me a text to let me know that our Whole Foods order showed up — we’re going to make pizza tonight. Every Thursday night in our household is pizza night, and we even have healthy options, thanks to the sprouted whole-grain crusts of Flatzza from Angelic Bakehouse. We like to make two flatbread pizzas and load them up with toppings. By the time I’m home, Isaac is already way ahead of me prepping dinner, chopping up peppers and onions and cheese. He’s made a mess, but it’s hard to deny what a good kid he is.

7 p.m.: TV time

While we eat, we sit down in front of the TV. It’s not always easy to find a show that works for both of us, but when we do — like “The Walking Dead,” which we found on Prime Video — then it’s a real pleasure to get lost in a world together. I pull out my iPad to get myself the Blunt Umbrella that I admired so much before. When I look over at Isaac, I realize that I wish there were something that I could get him, to show him how proud of him I am.

It takes a few minutes of watching TV when it dawns on me that he could probably use a new sweatshirt — these days, hanging out so much at home, you can never have enough comfy clothes. After spending a long while researching online, I decide that the Burton Mountain Pullover Hoodie has enough attitude and skateboard angst to satisfy my teenage son while also holding up to the high quality I expect from the clothes I buy. It’s a win and win.

10 p.m.: Writing emails before bed

I keep poking around on the internet while the TV plays in the background — responding to emails and prepping for tomorrow. I can’t seem to stop thinking about my bath towel dilemma from earlier in day. After looking at a few recommendation sites, I decide that I love the look of Snowe towels — in particular, their Honeycomb Bath Towels. They have a puckered texture that makes them extra absorbent. I go ahead and order four, in charcoal gray, in just a few clicks with Amazon Pay.

Finally, it feels like I can exhale. I put my iPad down and sit back on the couch next to Isaac, satisfied by everything that we’ve accomplished today.

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