A day in the life: Savvy shopping mom

Find out what’s Possible with Pay as Sara, a fictional mum of two, navigates a typical busy day of parenthood.

What does a mother’s typical day look like? While no two days are the same when parenting young children, we take a bird’s eye view of Sara’s life, a fictitious stay-at-home mother of two.

From morning latte to lights out, we’ll find out more on how Amazon Pay can make it easier to navigate life thanks to a speedy payment method that requires no sign-up and no new passwords.

About Sara the stay-at-home mum[1]

Age: 36
Preferences and habits:

  1. Married with children and living in the suburbs
  2. Prefers having endless options while shopping
  3. Values spending time with family and friends
  4. Chooses quality over quantity
  5. Likes to keep her credit card information secure

Sara’s weekday – A diary entry

6:30am – Rise and shine

My alarm goes off. It’s early, but I like to have 30 minutes for myself before everyone else is up.

6:35am – Hot drinks and meditation

I open the meditation app on my phone and start the coffee maker. When I finish my mindfulness routine, I should have a fresh pot, but as I open the cupboard, I realize I’m almost out of my favorite blend. I quickly go to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and order a pack of Heroes at Heart coffee to support the first responders, then check out in a few seconds with Amazon Pay. Now onto my meditation, before my ‘me-time’ is up.

7:15am – Breakfast time

My 6-year-old Liza and 2-year-old Caleb are also up now and ready for breakfast. We usually have cereal in the morning, but they have been asking for pancakes for days and I decide to surprise them. We make them together and obviously the first fight of the day is about who gets to whisk the eggs. Mental note: order another whisk on Katom as soon as I am done flipping pancakes. As they accept Amazon Pay, it will take me less than a minute[2] to check out and peace will be restored.

8:50am – Morning activities

My husband is locked in the home-office working on an important project. Luckily I have a day full of activities planned for my little ones, so he’ll have time to focus. They love arts and craft, hence a couple of days ago I ordered some suncatcher kits on Etsy, an adorable unicorn for her and an all-time favorite dragon for him. This will be enough to entertain them for the next couple of hours and as the sun is out today, we’ll be able to hang them up and see them in action.

11:30am – New delivery notification from Alexa

The kids behaved surprising well and adored painting their suncatchers. Could this day get any better? As I relish the moment, Alexa’s light goes yellow. “This must be last night’s order” I say to myself. We are potty-training our youngest and to encourage him I ordered pull-up nappies with his favorite character. Fingers crossed, this will seal the deal. Alexa tells me the parcel is out for delivery, and not too long after, I hear a knock on the door. The diapers are here, so I help him put one on and hope for the best.

12:30pm – Lunch in the park

It’s a gorgeous day and the sun keeps shining. We decide to make the most of it and organize an impromptu picnic in the nearest park. A couple of sandwiches, some sliced cucumber and carrots sticks, and we’re ready to hit the road. As we’re stepping out, I realize we don’t have anything to sit on. I grab a blanket we keep on the sofa, but while Liza and Caleb run in their room to get a couple of toys, I pick up my phone, open Society6 and order a picnic blanket using Amazon Pay. Checkout is easy and quick, so by the time the kids are back in the room I am done and ready for our outing.

3:30pm – Alexa, reorder diapers

We are back! Sandwiches went down a treat and Caleb picked up seven grey stones. I tried to convince him that they’d have a better life near the other pebbles but he wouldn’t take no for an answer. At least he used the potty as soon as we got back home. While I put the stones away in his treasure box, I say “Alexa, reorder my last order” – the diapers seem to work and I want to ensure I have enough for the following week, too. It’s nice ordering with Alexa using my Amazon account, voice is so practical and I don’t have to lift a finger.

5:25pm – Takeaway pizza

It’s been a busy day and neither my husband nor I have any intentions of cooking tonight. After all that time playing in the grass, the kids need a bath. While they splash cheerfully, I open Alexa on my phone and ask “Alexa, open Domino’s”, ordering a huge pizza. Whenever a store offers Amazon Pay as a payment method, I don’t need to think twice about it. It only takes me a few minutes to complete my purchase as it finds the nearest store, and has my payment detail saved in my account. Time to face the truth – my ability to retain information beyond nursery rhymes has been fully compromised by kid number two.

7:30pm – Story time

Liza has been obsessed with the children’s book ‘The tiger who came to tea’ since she was three, and now Caleb is getting into it too. Hubby is on bedtime duty, so he reads it to them one more time before switching the light off and joining me on the sofa. As we prepare for more outings this summer I jump online to grab a five pack of face masks from Outdoor Voices. Again, luckily they offer Amazon Pay so I quickly checkout and I am finally ready for my evening program.

8:00pm – Check my Amazon Pay orders

Before I turn on Amazon Prime Video to watch another episode of Little Fires Everywhere (latest obsession), I head over to, click on ‘My orders’, then toggle over to Amazon Pay to double-check today’s purchases. It looks like all the transactions went through as expected and I won’t run out of diapers.

I pour myself a glass of wine, snuggle on the sofa and relax. Tomorrow will be another exciting full day.

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[1] Emarketer, U.S. Millennials 2020 Report.
[2] Amazon own data.