A bedding manufacturer keeps comfort and social responsibility in mind

Sunday Citizen is building a conscientious bedding business for uncertain times.

As the world continues to re-adjust our habits, many of us are looking for ways to improve the quality of life at home. A better night’s sleep guarantees a stronger immune system, a clearer head, and plenty of all-natural energy to get through the day, whether it’s spent inside or out. In short, this might be the perfect time to ensure your bedding setup is on point.

That’s where bedding and loungewear brand Sunday Citizen comes in.

Sunday Citizen began with a simple mission: to find softer hotel blankets. As a line of luxury hotels struggled to find bedding that met their exacting standards, the owners decided to take matters into their own hands — or rather, to put their trust in a skilled second-generation textile manufacturer. After refining a new ultra-comfortable blanket design, the ecstatic response from the hotels’ guests inspired the launch of Sunday Citizen as a standalone company.

As business grew, the company moved beyond blankets into the realm of loungewear. Today their offerings include comfy cardigans and hoodies, luxurious wraps and bathrobes, and more. Always hungry to keep innovating, the company also developed a line of therapeutic blankets. These weighted blankets are lined with quartz and amethyst crystals that help ensure sounder sleep and have been proven to reduce stress and alleviate pain.

The company is thinking beyond profits and finding ways to assist those in need. Their currently working on a new One for One program that will distribute their blankets to the homeless and other underserved populations. The company is also developing new eco-friendly practices to reduce the toll their manufacturing takes on the planet’s increasingly limited resources, such as integrating sustainable yarns made from ocean plastic into their product design.

With a small team of just 10 employees, Sunday Citizen has achieved a great deal in their short lifetime. Along with looking toward the future of bedding and sleepwear design, the company is planning on expanding their charitable work and green initiatives. The company will conduct business as they have in the past, but with a renewed sense of purpose in their mission—that is, to provide comfort to as many different groups of people as they can.

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