6 tips to help you stay safe and avoid scams when shopping

Look out for fake order confirmations and beware of false urgency, plus more helpful tips to stay safe and avoid scams during the holidays.

We want to help consumers avoid impersonation scams this holiday season. These happen when a scammer pretends to be a trusted company and reaches out to try to get access to sensitive information like social security numbers, bank information, or Amazon account details.

This year, we found that fake order confirmations accounted for more than 50% of the Amazon impersonation scams reported by our customers. These unsolicited communications often refer to a purchase (that you didn’t make) and ask you to act urgently to confirm the purchase. When you try to cancel the fake order by clicking a link or calling the supposed “customer service” number, scammers then try to steal your personal or financial information. We invest significant resources to protect consumers and stores from these scammers.

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