Why Amazon Pay? The trusted, convenient way for Amazon customers to purchase

Provide Amazon customers with a fast and secure checkout experience beyond Amazon.com, giving them flexibility for where, when, and how they make purchases.

If you’re an Amazon customer, you already know how convenient shopping can be. With Amazon Pay, customers can extend that same convenience beyond Amazon.com to tens of thousands of ecommerce websites around the world. Once you find an item you love, choose Amazon Pay to speed through checkout in just a few clicks.

Fast & secure checkouts beyond Amazon.com

With Amazon Pay, hundreds of millions of Amazon customers around the globe can shop on sites that accept Amazon Pay without needing to create a user name and password. And they’re not required to enter their credit card or shipping details. Instead, they can skip the setup and fly through checkout using their existing Amazon credentials.

What’s more, Amazon Pay customers can shop from a variety of devices—completing purchases from their laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Together, these options give customers a tremendous amount of flexibility as to where, when, and how they make purchases.

Good for shoppers and merchants alike

Amazon customers who use Amazon Pay benefit from a fast payment method offered by a global brand they already know and trust. With a quick checkout process, they can spend less time paying and enjoy more time shopping. They can also shop with peace of mind, knowing that the condition and timely delivery of eligible items are protected by the Amazon A-z Guarantee.

For merchants, Amazon Pay can add up to more conversions and enhanced customer trust. With fewer steps to check out shoppers are more likely to complete their purchases. Ultimately, adding Amazon Pay as a payment method can help merchants boost sales and grow their business by extending their reach to millions of people who already have an Amazon account.

The same innovations that power Amazon.com

Amazon continues to innovate at a rapid pace, offering its customers the same leading-edge technologies that power Amazon.com. By implementing Amazon Pay, merchants can focus on growing their business. The result is a fast, easy, and secure payment method that delights customers and positions merchants for future growth.

To learn more please see our Amazon Pay fact sheet.