Watch PayTalks: Ask Us Anything! Fraud prevention and security for eCommerce businesses

Watch our latest Paytalks: Ask Us Anything! to learn how to protect your business from fraud.

Fraudulent purchases and charge-backs remain a persistent problem for merchants. That’s why we’ve dedicating our next installment of Paytalks: Ask Us Anything! to protecting your business from fraud. We talk to Amazon Senior Solutions Architect Michael Jan and Vanessa Wallace, Sr. Manager of Machine Learning Science, APPS, about ways to keep your ecommerce business secure, the art and science of fraud prevention, and the security advantages of Amazon Pay for business owners.

Watch as we discuss strategies and solutions for stemming fraud and the most common security issues encountered in payment processing.

You’ll receive practical insights into:

  • Best practices for reducing charge-backs and fraudulent purchases
  • Cost-effective ways to enact security measures around transactions
  • Strategies for onboarding customers who may be hesitant to adopt a new payment method
  • How Amazon’s advanced fraud prevention has been shown to reduce chargebacks and protect against fraud automatically
  • Ways sellers can receive the same protections afforded to buyers
  • The future of ML and AI for eCommcerce security

Presentation details:

Title: Paytalks: Ask Us Anything!
Episode: Fraud prevention and security for ecommerce businesses
Host: Alex Lawrence, Sr. Content Strategist, Amazon Pay
Guest: Michael Jan, Sr. Solutions Architect, Amazon Pay and Vanessa Wallace, Sr. ML Scientist, Fraud Risk Prevention, APPS

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