Updated Seller Central dashboard for Amazon Pay merchants

Check out the latest news, tips, and account insights available when Amazon Pay merchants sign in to Seller Central.

Seller Central is a functional product interface tailored to help merchants manage all things Amazon Pay – from understanding their performance and reconciling their finances, to managing their transactions and customer claims. After gathering feedback from merchants, our teams have been working hard to improve Seller Central’s user experience. We’re excited to announce the launch of our new Seller Central Homepage. In this updated version, merchants will be able to access actionable, relevant content.

Previous experience


Production environment


Sandbox environment


Card function: Merchants can provide feedback directly via the card


What are the benefits of the new homepage?

The new homepage has been designed with four main benefits for merchants in mind:

  1. It provides merchants with the right resources, instructions, and tips to launch Amazon Pay more easily.
  2. It promotes important account health information, such as chargeback claims, so that merchants can take immediate action.
  3. It shares key resources and exciting Amazon Pay updates, including new feature launches and best practices for merchants who want to stay up-to-date.
  4. It creates a more cohesive customer experience for merchants who also sell on Amazon, as the design and functionality is similar to Amazon’s Seller Central Homepage.

How is this new experience different?

This new experience showcases 15 new title cards organized into three categories: account health, buyer health, and key merchant resources. Certain title cards, including account risk and missing tax, will automatically display if relevant for the merchant. Over the next couple of months, we’re planning to make more cards available.

Merchant operations

A-to-z claims. Lists the number of A-to-z claims merchants must respond to.
Chargebacks. Lists the number of chargeback claims merchants must respond to.
Buyer messages. Lists the number of customer contacts merchants must respond to.

Account health

Missing tax. Advises merchants to verify their tax information.
Account at risk. Will display if the merchant account is at risk for suspension.
Account suspended. Will display if the merchant account is suspended.
Payment or account summary. Summarizes the merchant’s account balance.


Getting started. Shares key information and FAQs on integration, setup, and testing.
Sandbox testing. Guides merchants on how to use Amazon Pay Sandbox to test end-to-end integration.
Launch. Guides merchants on how to launch Amazon Pay to their online store.
News. Provides merchants with general Amazon Pay Updates, such as new feature launches or usability updates.
Contact us. Shares Amazon Pay Merchant Support contact information.
FAQs. Shares Amazon Pay key FAQs.
Help. Shares key help links for merchants.

What’s next?

We’re continuously working on ways to further improve the user experience for our merchants. We’re exploring additional title cards and personalization functionality to automatically promote relevant content for Seller Central users.

For additional questions on how to make the most of Seller Central, contact us.