Two new Paytalks webinars are now available on-demand

Discover strategies for improving business with payment services and engaging millennial fashion shoppers.

At Amazon Pay, our team aims to achieve more than offering a digital payment solution. Part of Pay’s mission is to use Amazon’s research and technological know-how to help businesses thrive online.

One of the ways Amazon Pay is supporting online brands is our monthly Paytalks webinars. The series covers important subjects in the world of digital commerce. Lasting 20 minutes or less, each installment centers on one topic broken down into 10 questions, points, or ideas. In all of the webinars, an Amazon Pay representative also offers actionable insights that companies can implement to grow their ecommerce business.

These PayTalks webinars are easily accessible through a new on-demand service which allows business owners to “rent” any installment. We recently added two brand-new webinars available at your leisure: April’s insightful “Top reasons businesses choose a payment service” and May’s in-depth exploration of “strategies to appeal the millennial fashion shopper.”

Access more than a dozen webinars here to learn important new tips for your business.