Transform your digital traffic into sales

Part two in our new Paytalks Business Growth Series webinar outlines the best ways to convert site visitors and digital prospects into customers.

Originally published August 5 2020

It’s difficult enough trying to attract new customers to your site. But all that work is wasted energy (and expense) if potential buyers remain passive window shoppers.

The numbers bear out just how pervasive the problem is: A new eMarketer study shows that the international ecommerce conversion rate was 1.91% in the first quarter of this year. Worldwide pandemic or not, that’s a pretty dismal ratio.

In this webinar we break down ten effective ways to beat the odds and turn your web traffic into customers. And we’ll lay them out for you in just 20 minutes. In the webinar, you’ll find tips on:

  • How to optimize your acquisition channels to drive conversions
  • Tactics to build trust with prospects on your website
  • Insights on cart recovery strategies to incentivize new shoppers

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