Top reasons why consumers like Amazon Pay

We pride ourselves on finding ways to delight our customers. One way of doing that is listening, so we thought we’d let our customers do the talking instead.

Originally posted 2/28/19

We have been saying all along that your customers expect a simple, convenient, and trusted buying experience when they shop on your site. Amazon Pay delivers on that promise. Because we have spent a lot of time speaking for our brand, we thought we would let our customers do the talking instead.

90% of Amazon consumers in the US who have used Amazon Pay are either satisfied or very satisfied with their experience1. 91% of the same consumers are somewhat or very likely to use Amazon Pay again, if given the opportunity2.

The top two reasons why Amazon Pay consumers like Amazon Pay are:

1. Ease of Use & Speed of Transaction

86% and 84% of Amazon Pay consumers rated it 9 or 10, on a 0-10 point scale, for ‘ease of use’ and ‘speed of transaction,’ respectively3.

The use of Amazon Pay means consumers don’t have to take out their credit cards and type in the details to complete a purchase. The service removes unnecessary friction in the checkout process by eliminating the need to create accounts on multiple websites.

I was very surprised when the payment required came up with credit cards or Amazon Pay. It was so quick and easy. Everything about Amazon is quick and easy. I LOVE IT!

Amazon Pay was super helpful! I didn’t need to take out my credit card and type all my information into a merchant’s website where I might only buy something once or twice.

It was very convenient not to have to create a new account on a different site or enter credit card information.


Amazon Pay’s easy checkout is also fast, thus giving consumers more time to shop.

Saves time since Amazon already has my card info and shipping address.

Irrespective of whether you are a small or a large business, Amazon Pay helps you offer a convenient purchase experience for consumers shopping on your website.

2. Security & Trust

84% and 83% of Amazon Pay consumers rated it 9 or 10, on a 0-10 point scale, for ‘security of the transaction’ and ‘Amazon Pay brand trust,’ respectively.

Consumers prefer not to provide their credit card details on multiple sites. They treat Amazon Pay as a secure container for their payment information, which they can then use at websites that offer it is a payment option.

When making a gift purchase, I saw Amazon Pay as a payment option. Rather than giving my credit card info to an unfamiliar retailer, I chose to use Amazon Pay. I felt more secure using my Amazon account. I trust Amazon and shop almost exclusively with them. At the few places I shop that are not Amazon, I will choose the merchants that offer Amazon Pay over another. I believe that the fewer places that have my payment information the better. I try not to shop on websites which I’m not familiar with because I feel uneasy about sharing personal information such as credit card info and my billing address. However, if one of these smaller, less familiar websites do have the Amazon Pay logo it makes me feel more secure about shopping there.

Amazon is one of the most trustworthy brands in the world5. That halo of trust extends out: first to the Amazon Pay brand and then to the businesses that offer Amazon Pay as a payment option. If you are a small business seeking to build trust with your consumers, Amazon Pay is a payment option you should consider, as it provides consumers with the comfort that they are shopping through a trusted payment service.

Amazon Pay is a safe way to pay for services on a trusted web site. My history with Amazon has been important to me personally since I opened an account in 2010. I have the confidence in our relationship that gives me peace of mind. I look forward toward the future with Amazon, and Amazon Pay is the next step.

Amazon is a customer-obsessed company, and we strive to provide our consumers with an easy and trusted experience whether they shop on or off Amazon. Amazon Pay is a service that extends the seamless on-Amazon experience to off-Amazon purchases. To sign up and start offering Amazon Pay as a payment option for your consumers follow this link:

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4Source: Same survey as above: Sample anecdotes in this article are sourced from answers to the question ‘Please provide comments about your experience here. Your feedback will help us enhance our customer experience.’

5In two separate annual brand rankings (BrandZ by Kantar MillwardBrown and Best Global Brand 2018 by Interbrand), Amazon follows two other brands as the world’s third most valuable brand.