Success Story: Shinola

Shinola boosts mobile conversions with Amazon Pay

Shinola prides itself on creating thoughtful manufacturing jobs in the cities that need them most and building watches, bicycles, journals, jewelry, leather goods and now turntables of the highest quality. The company has built factories and supplied the capital and connections for key suppliers to expand their existing operations, creating more than 200 meaningful manufacturing jobs and over 600 jobs total.

With Magento and Amazon Pay, we now have a powerful and flexible e-commerce solution coupled with an ultra-fast checkout experience. It is a winning combination.

- Dennis Kopitz, Director E-commerce, Shinola

Since its formation in 2011, Shinola has experienced explosive growth—and has even caught the attention of high-profile customers such as former president of the United States Barack Obama and American actor Justin Theroux. To enable continued growth, Shinola launched its online site through Magento’s e-commerce platform, integrating Amazon Pay into their site in August 2015 to eliminate customer’s friction during checkout. “With Magento and Amazon Pay, we now have a powerful and flexible e-commerce solution coupled with a faster checkout experience,” says Dennis Kopitz, Director of E-commerce, Shinola. “It’s a winning combination, especially as an increasing number of online shoppers purchase our products using their mobile devices.”

A Streamlined Checkout Experience

As the number of mobile shoppers grew, Shinola wanted to encourage online purchases by offering a faster checkout experience. In the past, mobile shoppers visited the Shinola website primarily for research—and not to make purchases. One of the reasons Shinola chose Amazon Pay was that customers can check out using information already stored in their Amazon account, cutting three to four steps out of the payment process. “I had experience implementing Amazon Pay several years back on another site where we saw strong adoption of the payment method,” says Kopitz. “Any amount of typing that can be eliminated can have a significant impact on conversions, particularly on mobile.”

The increase in mobile purchases through Amazon Pay is leading to thousands of dollars in additional revenue. “Right now nearly one in three payments is made with Amazon Pay, and we are excited about what that has done for our conversions,” says Garvin “It’s only going to continue to grow.”

More Mobile Conversions

As a newer online brand, Shinola decided to focus on optimizing its e-commerce platform for both mobile and desktop customers—rather than building a mobile application. “For a new company like ours, our primary goal is to bring new customers to the brand and experience us online,” says Dennis Kopitz. “So we are really investing in the site itself and making sure it is the best it can be on all types of devices.”

To date, the strategy has paid off. Within a single year, the percentage of mobile shoppers grew from 37% to 44%. And in the first three months after Amazon Pay was added to the site, 19% more mobile users and 5% more desktop users completed their online purchases.

Amazon Pay is helping us expand our online business and capture more customers. It is a critical piece of our online growth strategy.

- Dennis Kopitz, Director of E-commerce, Shinola

Customers’ preferred alternative payment option

Amazon Pay has quickly become a favorite payment option for Shinola customers who don’t use the site’s native checkout, with one in four mobile shoppers and one in five desktop customers choosing Amazon Pay when making online purchases. “Amazon Pay is helping us expand our online business and capture more customers,” says Kopitz. “It’s a critical piece of our online growth strategy.”

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