Success Story: Plan de Ville

Plan de Ville engages more customers with Amazon Pay

In today’s crowded fashion market, it can be difficult for emerging designers to gain a foothold. Most retailers aren’t willing to take a chance on new talent, making it challenging for new designers to find avenues to sell their styles to the public. Plan de Ville solves that problem by featuring high-quality, exclusive pieces from early-stage designers. The company pairs these selections with one-on-one interviews, introducing the next generation of luxury fashion designers to a global audience. “Customers are looking for connection, community, and authenticity more than ever—and we’re committed to providing that,” says Catherine Smith, Founder and Fashion Director at Plan de Ville.

When Catherine first started her company back in 2014, she built her commerce experience on WooCommerce. “What I like about WooCommerce is having total control over the security and appearance of the website.” During the early stage of her business, she was very concerned with protecting her consumer privacy and trust. “WooCommerce has bank level security, some of the best security possible for my business.” Having a stable base for her website gave Catherine peace of mind that her business was protected.

Catherine wanted to instill that same confidence in customers as they discovered her site and designers. In April 2016, Plan de Ville incorporated Amazon Pay into its commerce experience to help the company build its brand, and it immediately saw success—with higher average order values, an increase in conversions at checkout, and fewer returns. “The new era of retail is about speed, logistics, and efficiency, and Amazon Pay is helping us win that game,” says Smith.

Increased order volumes

After integrating Amazon Pay, Plan de Ville watched its revenue grow right off the bat. In the first week alone, the total order volume increased by 60%. Roughly half of all Plan de Ville’s customers now use Amazon Pay—solidifying the notion that Amazon customers are more likely to complete purchases than other site visitors. “Our customers love shopping with Amazon Pay because it pairs perfectly with Plan de Ville’s reputation of making them feel comfortable taking a chance on a new designer,” says Smith.

Higher average order values

Interestingly, the average order value for shoppers who checkout with Amazon Pay is 60% higher than customers using other payment methods. Smith also attributes this to the kind of customers Amazon attracts. “The Amazon Prime customer is the luxury customer—she’s used to spending more,” Smith explains. “Our average dress sells for about $600, so if she’s putting two dresses in the cart, that’s a big thing for us.”

Fewer returns

Amazon Pay customers are 20% less likely to return their purchases than customers who check out using credit cards. Smith believes this is because Amazon Pay customers are more seasoned online shoppers who can navigate their way through size charts. “The Amazon Pay customer is our luxury consumer who’s simply a savvier shopper,” Smith says. “She’s very comfortable buying online and knows what she’s looking for.”

Amazon Pay has helped our customers recognize that Plan de Ville is a trustworthy business committed to providing exceptional products and customer service.

― Catherine Smith, Founder & CEO, Plan de Ville

Increased customer trust

By offering Amazon Pay, Smith says she’s increasing trust in the Plan de Ville brand. “We want our customers to trust the quality of our products and to know their money is well spent,” she says. “They also need to feel safe providing their payment information. Amazon Pay has helped our customers recognize that Plan de Ville is a trustworthy business committed to providing exceptional products and customer service.”

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