Success Story: Peachdish

Leading fresh food delivery service sees 23% increase in conversion with Amazon Pay

You’ve probably heard the old adage, “There’s nothing like a home-cooked meal.” Atlanta-based PeachDish takes this to heart — with a product offering that appeals to hungry customers across the nation.

Hadi Irvani, Founder and CEO at PeachDish, has always had a passion for delicious home-cooked meals. Years ago, he got his start selling shoes online for his father’s online shoe store. He really liked e-commerce, and with a degree from UVA and a passion for technology and economics, Hadi wondered if he could do more.

In 2013, Hadi decided to leave his father’s company and embark on creating his own company.

I have enjoyed Amazon’s technology as both a consumer and merchant. Its fraud protection is unmatched.

- Hadi Irvani, Founder at PeachDish

“I was passionate about great food, being around people, the dinner table. [PeachDish] is more than just a product or service — it’s about the experience and creating those experiences for others. It’s something found in my personal life through dinner experiences — help people reconnect around a shared table, with phenomenal experiences in the kitchen and dining room.”

“At PeachDish, we buy fresh produce in bulk so that you have a great experience. It is a simple concept of utility — when you buy in bulk and share that price with the consumers, everyone is able to get great value.”

The fraud protection and pricing

Amazon Pay provides pricing that works for Hadi’s business: “Generally speaking, the food business does not have the highest margins, so it makes sense to use a merchant with the best rates available. Furthermore, Amazon has the best conversion rate!”

In addition, the fraud protection helps protect PeachDish and its customers from invalid charges: “It is a great business solution. I have enjoyed Amazon’s technology as both a consumer and merchant. Its fraud protection is unmatched. With other vendors, you need to worry seriously about getting a fraud protection solution. The rates are also much higher with other solutions.”

Our conversion rate went up 23% with Amazon Pay.

- Hadi Irvani, Founder at PeachDish

“Our conversion rate went up 23% with Amazon Pay. We are also able to capture contact information at the point of initiation — something that other competitors do not let you do.”

Rapid growth and a bright future

When he started PeachDish, Hadi would go to the best purveyors and assemble boxes in his garage. The early traction was clear — after the PeachDish team ramped up to packing 100 boxes a week, he knew it was time to find a partner to help assemble and pack the boxes for the Georgia State Farmers Market, the world’s largest Farmers Market.

Since then, PeachDish has come far. Hadi and the team are delighted they’ve been able to help recreate the joy and fulfillment of cooking a nice, home-cooked meal. “Our biggest success has been to be a part of our customers connecting and reconnecting experiences with their kitchen,” Hadi said. “I am also very proud of our checkout process, which is really easy. It does not require you to pull out your credit card or enter your shipping address.”

Hadi anticipates that PeachDish will continue to grow, provide great quality ingredients and bring more people together to share a home-cooked meal at the dinner table. In addition, Hadi expects that his team will double in size in not too long — a testament to the hard work that the PeachDish team continues to put into its business.