Success story: NatoMounts

Leveraging Amazon Pay to improve the customer experience.

Previously published 7/28/20

Natomounts: Ultimate car mounts for phones, tablets, and other devices

Brandon Chatham founded NatoMounts because he felt that all the best-rated phone mounts he purchased did not adequately address his needs. Therefore, he set out to create one himself, taking the best features from the mounts that he purchased, and developing one that addressed all of his needs. In order to serve consumers who shared his unmet need, he decided to sell his products directly through the NatoMounts website. His goal was to offer a seamless online experience to consumers when they purchased their desired phone mounts from his website.

Business Challenge: Enable fast checkout

NatoMounts’ goal was to drive impulse buyers to its website and ensure that they completed a purchase in under 60 seconds. It found that checkout was the biggest challenge in achieving this goal. Buyers populating their personal and payment information to complete a transaction slowed down the checkout process. Sometimes customers also provided incorrect shipping addresses, resulting in products sent to wrong addresses. As NatoMounts evaluated alternative payment services, it found Amazon Pay through technical forums and blogs. It tested Amazon Pay as part of a beta program through its e-commerce solution provider, BigCommerce. Satisfied with the beta testing, NatoMounts was one of the first businesses to integrate seamlessly with Amazon Pay through BigCommerce. NatoMounts customers could now use their familiar Amazon credentials and the payment information stored in their Amazon account to buy mounts of their choice. They did not need to spend time typing in their personal and payment information.

Amazon Pay’s partnership with BigCommerce is unbelievable. I saw the Amazon Pay logo on the BigCommerce panel. In a few clicks, I was able to place the button on my website and was able to start accepting payments through Amazon Pay almost instantaneously.

– Brandon Chatham, Founder and CEO, NatoMounts

Business Impact: Faster check out, increased customer trust, less fraud

NatoMounts observed immediate results with Amazon Pay. At inception, Amazon Pay contributed 20% of all NatoMounts sales. After three years, that number has steadily grown to 47%. Such an increase in cart share even as NatoMounts has grown indicates that Amazon Pay is driving traffic and converts that traffic into customers. NatoMounts also reports that Amazon Pay customers are 11.4% more likely to make repeat purchases than other payment options. NatoMounts attributes this to the ease with which its customers can checkout using Amazon Pay. It also believes that the trust in its website has increased with the adoption of Amazon Pay. Its customers know that Amazon Pay shares only the necessary information required to complete and support the transaction. Amazon Pay does not pass the customer’s full credit card, debit card, or bank account number.

People don’t know NatoMounts. They click an advertisement on Facebook or Instagram and land on our website. They see the Amazon Pay logo and trust that their personal and payment information will be secure. That is the feeling that I get when I see Amazon Pay on a less familiar website. I know my customers will have the same feeling when they visit my website.

– Brandon Chatham, Founder and CEO, NatoMounts

NatoMounts also reports that Amazon Pay drives credible customers who are less likely to claim chargebacks. While non-Amazon Pay orders sometimes require additional scrutiny, NatoMounts instantly approves any purchases through Amazon Pay as it recognizes that the orders are less likely to be fraudulent. Additionally, NatoMounts believes most customers keep their addresses on Amazon up-to-date thus reducing orders being shipped to incorrect addresses.

With Amazon Pay, I have no concerns about chargebacks or fraud; I know the traffic is legitimate. I wish 100% of our transactions were with Amazon Pay.

– Brandon Chatham, Founder and CEO, NatoMounts

To conclude, NatoMounts expects Amazon Pay to continue to play a huge part in its growth going forward.

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