Success story: Atom Tickets

Riding the Amazon Pay ticket to innovation.

Atom Tickets: First-of-its-kind social movie ticketing service

Atom Tickets wants more people to go to the movies and it accomplishes it by delivering a better movie ticketing experience that connects fans with the movies they want to watch. The Atom app and website enable moviegoers to browse movies, buy tickets, and pre-order concessions so that they can spend their time enjoying the movie rather than waiting in lines at theatres. After purchasing tickets, moviegoers can invite friends to the movie and Atom Tickets will share the selected showtime and seats with them. This makes for a shared and enjoyable moviegoing experience.

It is not surprising that Atom’s theatre partners include the who’s who of the exhibitor business (with chains like AMC and Cinemark) and the company’s impressive advisory board is comprised of legendary filmmakers - Steven Spielberg, J.J. Abrams, Tyler Perry, as well as producer Dany Garcia and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

The award-winning app and website has grown its audience to six million monthly visitors so far. With online ticket purchases constituting one-fourth of all movie ticket purchases and continuing to grow, Atom Tickets is well-positioned to be the best app for movie fans looking to reserve seats and buy tickets in advance.1

Business Challenge: Seeking solutions to further improve online movie ticketing experience

Atom Tickets was seeking ways to improve its customers’ experience on its site. In the spirit of letting moviegoers purchase tickets ‘however they want,’ it was seeking to offer alternative payment options beyond credit cards. Recognizing the size of the Amazon customer base and the high likelihood of Atom Tickets customers also being Amazon customers, it decided to offer Amazon Pay as a payment option. This allowed its customers to use their familiar Amazon login credentials and the payment information stored in their Amazon account to easily and securely purchase movie tickets from its website. No more hassles in populating their payment and personal information to complete a purchase.

We adopted Amazon Pay because there are hundreds of millions of Amazon customers and there’s likely to be crossover with our customers. More specifically, Atom powers ticketing for IMDb (an Amazon Company) and there’s a high synergy with those entertainment-loving customers. If they already have an Amazon login, that makes it extremely easy for them to purchase tickets on Atom.

– Amber Tarshis, Head of Marketing, Atom Tickets

Business Impact: Improved customer experience, Higher average order value (AOV), Access to Amazon innovation

Atom Tickets has observed positive results with Amazon Pay. It reports that Amazon Pay has driven customers who spend more on the Atom Tickets website. Amazon Pay’s AOV is the highest among all payment options that Atom Tickets offers. Amazon Pay also results in more tickets per order and per customer when compared to all other payment options. The story only gets better from there -- not only do Amazon Pay customers spend more and buy more, they are also less reliant on promotional discounts, thus making them more profitable.

Amazon Pay customers are one of the most valuable groups of customers for us. Their AOV is 9% higher than that of our non-Amazon Pay customers. Average movie ticket per order is 12% higher while the average movie ticket per customer is 8% higher. They are also 26% less reliant on promotions. We attribute all of this to the trust our customers have in Amazon and in turn in Amazon Pay.

– Jessica Cohen, Snr. Director, Marketing, Atom Tickets

This success has helped propel the Atom Tickets-Amazon Pay (and Amazon) relationship to the next level. Atom Tickets recently powered special deals for Amazon Pay customers to see the movies VENOM and WONDER PARK in the theatre. It also powered the capability for Amazon Prime members to watch blockbuster movies AQUAMAN, HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 3, and JUMANJI: WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE before the official movie release dates.

With the rise of ‘voice’ as a commerce channel, Atom Tickets worked with Alexa and Amazon Pay to build a skill to allow customers to ask for movie showtimes, find information on movies, and purchase movie tickets. No typing or swiping, customers can simply ask, “Alexa, ask Atom for movie tickets” or “Alexa, ask Atom to buy tickets for IT CHAPTER 2 movie” or “Alexa, ask Atom what’s playing near me” or “Alexa, ask Atom what’s coming soon.” Atom Tickets became the first to allow customers to reserve movie seats through a voice skill.

Our customers are seeking a connected experience across channels such as web, mobile, and now voice. We are thrilled to extend our customer experience into the voice channel with Alexa and Amazon Pay. It opens up an additional channel through which our customers can interact with our site.

– Eric Posen, Principal Product Manager

Amazon Pay and Atom Tickets are driven by a shared passion to innovate on behalf of its customers. Atom Tickets’ commitment to deliver better experiences fueled by Amazon will continue to delight movie fans across the country.


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1Research titled “From Discovery to Purchase – The Moviegoing Experience Begins Online – A Box-office Profile.” conducted by Webedia Movies Pro and Vertigo Research in 2018.