Success Story: AllSaints

Iconic fashion retailer AllSaints increases checkout conversion by 34%, using Amazon Pay

Since integrating Amazon Pay, AllSaints has seen a huge increase in conversion. In addition, they’ve reduced checkout time dramatically — by 70 seconds.

Rich Ascott, Global Digital Director at AllSaints said, “As a customer, one of the most frustrating things about shopping online is the bit after the magic has happened. You’ve been taken into this wonderful world online, found the product you love, added it to your basket, and then you’re confronted by a big road-block. You need to remember passwords, add credit card details and your address, and that alone can make people give up. Every retail website has a big drop off through checkout.”

“But Amazon Pay has tackled the fact that you don’t have to remember your credit card details, which address to send to, or where your sister lives — it’s all there in the address book. The best bit of all is not having to re-enter your credit card details. Our customers can just click and checkout, and that is what is generating these exciting results.”

Customers are choosing Amazon Pay because it has made shopping on AllSaints faster, easier, and more secure. Within two weeks after launch, AllSaints saw 24% of customers choose Amazon Pay. In addition, AllSaints saw a 15% higher average order value.

A better buying experience

The sales figures show that customers are getting a better buying experience thanks to Amazon Pay.

“Ultimately, we want our customers to have a fantastic experience when they visit us both in our shops and online,” said Rich. “Amazon Pay enables us to provide a really elegant digital experience that ensures our customers come to us again and again.”

People trust Amazon

AllSaints is obsessed by doing everything themselves to ensure the best possible experience for their customers. They run all their operations in-house, build their own stores, weld their own furniture, have an in-house design team of 34 people to create their fashion collections and code their own website.

Amazon Pay enables us to provide a really elegant digital experience that ensures our customers come to us again and again.

- Rich Ascott, Global Digital Director

Easy implementation

The implementation process for Amazon Pay is simple, and takes a matter of weeks rather than the months it can take to implement many other systems.

“Amazon was really easy to work with, and it made a real difference not having the headache of a big implementation, which demands a huge amount of resources and costs,” said James Wintle, Global Director of Technology at AllSaints.

“We feel that having worked with Amazon to implement, and after seeing the dramatic increase in sales, Amazon Pay is the best payment system on the market today.”

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