Stop cart abandonment with this infographic

Looking for ways to keep shoppers on your site and drive incremental conversions at checkout? We have a few ideas for you.

Originally posted 3/12/19

The checkout process can go wrong in any number of ways for consumers. Endless form fields, the request for private information, and a perceived lack of security all lead shoppers to abandon their carts without completing their purchase.

For merchants, the cost of that cart abandonment is enormous. Researchers from the Baymard Institute estimate that cart abandonment leads to about $260 Billion in lost revenue every year.1

But there are simple steps you can take to reduce cart abandonment. The infographic below details just six of the ways retailers can reduce their checkout abandonment.

If you want to learn more about how you can keep customers from checking out during checkout, we have a 10in20 webinar about optimizing your checkout experience coming up on March 20. In just 20 minutes, you’ll learn 10 great ways to build customer trust and refine your checkout flow.

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1Baymard Institute Usability Study, 2017.