Simple optimizations for your digital business in an increasing touchless world

During the uncertainty of COVID-19, here are five considerations for improving your customer’s online checkout experience.

Every business and person is dealing with the uncertainty of COVID-19. We’re all feeling the impact, facing varying levels of uncertainty and turmoil, across industries and demographics. As businesses search for solid footing, it’s becoming clear that consumers are spending more time shopping online[1] with no indication of this behavior slowing down.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to move your business into a virtual, touchless world. As someone who works with businesses to improve their customer experience every day, here are some considerations for improving your customer’s online checkout experience:

1. Optimize your online checkout for mobile shoppers

Did you know 70% of online shoppers who add a product to their cart never complete the purchase? Well mobile is a key channel for shoppers and over 60% of mobile users reported challenges identifying and selecting ‘guest checkout’[2]. Make it easy for your buyers to checkout by simplifying the UX, making the next call to action clear. Consider hiding username and password fields until the user selects the ‘Sign In’ or ‘Create Account’ option. Only showing required fields helps the buyer understand what to do next.

2. Optimize your checkout for Amazon shoppers

As I mentioned above, shoppers don’t want to create another account login with 34% of customers citing forced account creation as a key reason for site abandonment[3]. Amazon Pay enables customers to make purchases using the information stored in their Amazon account, avoiding account creation, reentering credit card information, and typing their billing and shipping addresses. Reduce friction with a seamless payment process that can be completed in minimal clicks. Curious about Amazon Pay, learn about the 5 ways Amazon Pay helps large and small businesses.

3. Already offer Amazon Pay? Streamline your Amazon shopper’s experience

We’ve put together 5 checkout optimization tips to make it easier for hundreds of millions of customers around the globe to quickly check-in and checkout through your digital store using the information already stored in their Amazon accounts.

4. Optimize your checkout with an ecommerce provider

Whether you’re investing in a new or existing online commerce experience for your customers, why build from the ground up when you can leverage a tried and true solution hosted by industry experts. There are many ways to extend your unique, customer focused approach to an online checkout experience. Get a leg up by using an off-the-shelf shopping experience like BigCommerce.

5. Consider voice, the ultimate touchless experience

Amazon Pay makes it easy for buyers to shop in many ways and increasingly this means using your voice for new and convenient cross-channel solutions. From dedicated merchant skills to tracking deliveries, you learn about the latest opportunities in voice supported transactions through our twenty minute, Paytalks webinar on developing your voice strategy in our webinar library.

It’s clear the pandemic is changing the ways we prioritize and make decisions, including the ways we shop. In 2020, ecommerce growth was at an all-time high of 18%[4] and may continue rising. Whether your company has had an online store for years, or you’re just starting out, consider these basic tips to create a better customer experience and help your brand grow.

Learn more about Amazon Pay.

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