Simon Jersey acquires new customers with Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay helps leading supplier of workplace clothing earn trust with its customers.

Simon Jersey: Rich heritage in workplace clothing

Originally founded in Lancashire in 1971 as a small provider of workplace uniforms to businesses, Simon Jersey has grown to become a leading supplier of uniforms, suiting, and work wear globally. It sought to expand its reach beyond businesses to consumers seeking workplace clothing. Central to driving this strategy was Simon Jersey’s decision to switch its focus from selling through catalogues to selling new product lines directly to consumers through its website. Since then it has invested in expanding the reach of its website globally whilst continually seeking to optimise the customer experience.

Business challenge: Seeking solutions to attract new customers

While Simon Jersey was a well-known brand among businesses, it sought to improve its awareness with consumers. In order to do this, it had implemented discoverability strategies to increase inbound website traffic through digital advertising. Although new visitors were landing on the website, they were not necessarily completing purchases. Simon Jersey chose Amazon Pay as a payment option for its website to address this very challenge of converting new visitors into customers by building brand trust.

I had used Amazon Pay on other websites. I used it because I found a product that I wanted to buy, but I did not know the site. Seeing Amazon Pay gave me the trust and confidence to actually purchase from that website. We knew that with Amazon Pay we could instill the same trust I felt and also provide a seamless experience for our customers.

Keith Corrigan, E-commerce Manager

Onboarding was simple. Amazon Pay integrated seamlessly with Simon Jersey’s e-commerce solution provider, Visualsoft. This meant that customers could start using their trusted Amazon login and the payment information stored in their Amazon accounts to buy workplace clothing from Simon Jersey. Customers did not have to create a new account or type in their payment information.

Business Impact: Increase consumer confidence, Attract new customers, Attract new customer audience/demographic

Simon Jersey saw immediate results with Amazon Pay. Simon Jersey’s new website and marketing strategy resulted in an 80% increase in site traffic. Amazon Pay aided in the engagement of this new traffic and helped convert them into customers. Ninety percent of customers choosing Amazon Pay have never shopped on the Simon Jersey site before.

We are thrilled with the success that we’ve seen with Amazon Pay. Adding it to our site has helped us convert browsers into buyers. 90% of customers choosing Amazon Pay are new customers and have never shopped on our site before.

Keith Corrigan, E-commerce Manager

Simon Jersey believes that the results so far have placed it on a path to become a preferred destination for workplace clothing, attributing Amazon Pay brand recognition at the checkout as a means to build trust with its customers.

Amazon Pay already has the trust of the consumer. You know that if you have not shopped on a website before, you are still protected by Amazon Pay’s A-to-z Guarantee1 should you have any problems or want to obtain a return.

Keith Corrigan, E-commerce Manager

Overall, Amazon Pay has made it easier for consumers to buy from the Simon Jersey website. With customer trust at the core of what both these companies do, this relationship is bound to grow with Simon Jersey on the verge of adding Amazon Pay to its native German and Italian websites.

To order fashionable workplace clothing from Simon Jersey, please visit https://www.simonjersey.com/.

1Applies only to eligible purchases. Please review this link for details on the A-to-z Guarantee - https://pay.amazon.co.uk/help/201751470.