Partner Spotlight: Zehner

With clients like Fiji Water and TenTree, full-service digital agency Zehner knows a thing or two about building first-rate shopping experiences.

Can a bottled-water company become an ecommerce powerhouse?

Zehner, a digital ecommerce agency out of Los Angeles, thinks so.

With consumer buying habits shifting online, Fiji Water wanted to double down on direct-to-consumer sales and incorporate a subscription model. But bringing that plan to life presented a unique challenge for Zehner, the agency hired to do it: Fiji Water’s homepage would have to transform into a full-blown ecommerce site—while also serving as the face of Fiji Water online, espousing its premium market position and key differentiator (that, yes, the water comes from Fiji).

Zehner got to work future-proofing Fiji Water’s site, creating a new homepage that would seamlessly marry brand overview and online store.

With beautiful imagery evoking the brand’s tropical home, animated brand stories, interactive shopping tools and more, the result speaks for itself.

Zehner’s magic isn’t limited to Fiji Water. They’ve built shopping experiences for other well-known brands, including sustainability-focused apparel brand Tentree, lifestyle brand SunBum, and clothing retailer Outerknown. Here’s a quick look at what those successful builds have in common:

Scalability: Zehner creates modular and mobile-first designs to ensure their customers’ ecommerce setup can scale and adapt over time.

  • Immersive Design: Shoppers can be easily turned off by sites that look outdated or unpolished. Agencies like Zehner put a great deal of effort into making sites that serve as beautiful brand showpieces, using high-end photography, interactivity, custom design and more.
  • Amazon Pay: Adding Amazon Pay as a checkout option allows Zehner’s clients to tap an easy, secure checkout capability while gaining access to the massive base of active Amazon customers. “Bringing the ease and familiarity of Amazon Pay to our clients will not only create a better shopping experience for the customer, but will help to drive key conversion metrics for our client base,” says Sukh Sidhu, Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Alliances at Zehner.

All told, Zehner’s goal is to pour a solid ecommerce foundation for customers so that online retailers can focus on doing what they set out to do in the first place: build successful businesses. Learn more about Zehner today.