Partner Spotlight: Corra

This digital agency is investing big in the future of mobile commerce with PWA technology that cuts down cost and risk for their clients.

Mobile commerce can often prove to be a major challenge for ecommerce brands. For example, mobile shopping cart abandonment rates were 17% higher than desktop rates in early 2020[1]. The ecommerce agency, Corra has a solution to combat poor mobile experiences.

A traditional app attracts customers with a superior shopping experience on mobile but deters them with a significant barrier to entry (visiting the app store, waiting for the app to download and install, etc.) Even if merchants manage to get customers to download their apps, 80% of app users churn within three months of downloading it.

Now, Corra, the global ecommerce agency is working to ensure that both B2C brands and B2B organizations convert and retain customers, especially when it comes to mobile. The NYC-based agency uses Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) to combine the discoverability of the web with the mobile-friendly capabilities of an app. Searchable like any other website, PWAs allow consumers to continue their shopping experience without a detour to the app store. That can mean better SEO ranking, a faster experience, more engaged visitors, and, yes, higher conversions.

Innovation can be scary – especially for brands that can’t afford to take a lot of big risks. That’s why Corra wants to make Progressive Web Apps attainable for brands of all shapes, sizes, and IT budgets. Their impressive library of pre-built features and functionalities includes everything merchants need to be able to kickstart their PWA implementation: state-of-the-art page templates, a UI toolkit, a streamlined checkout experience with mobile-friendly payment methods, and much more. By utilizing these plug-and-play features, Corra can push a project to production faster, leaving more time to curate the client’s brand experience to perfection.

Additionally, Corra offers a PWA accelerator called FWRD. With FWRD, merchants can have a branded storefront in a matter of weeks, not months. A styled reference storefront is delivered within two sprints, so businesses can launch in as little as 60 days. The accelerator allows you to implement hyper-fast experiences on Magento Cloud with nearly instant load times both on and offline. Corra’s teams have successfully road-tested FWRD with brands like luxury retail giant, Jomashop.

Not only is Corra’s cutting-edge technology breaking ground, they’re also well known for their award-winning design concepts. In 2020, Adobe awarded Corra the Magento Commerce Digital Experience Solution Partner of the Year Award for being their top Magento Commerce partner in the Americas. With PWAs well on their way to dethroning traditional apps in the mobile shopping world, teaming up with Corra is a great way for any ecommerce brand to modernize their customer experience and build their business in the places that matter most.

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[1] Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Retail ecommerce shopping cart abandonment, by device. July 2020.