Optimizing your CX for the post-COVID consumer

From digital shifters to digital natives, what are some of the new ways your business is building consumer trust?

For merchants trying to readjust to a post-pandemic environment, the challenges in meeting new and growing consumer expectations across a variety of touchpoints can feel daunting. Recently, Amazon Pay’s CMO, Kelly Wenzel, sat down with PYMNTS CEO Karen Webster for a wide-ranging discussion about the digital-first environment that is emerging from new trends in consumers’ habits and preferences.

“We’re all facing adversity right now,” Wenzel said, “retail probably more than any other sector. But I think you can flip the script and think of this as an opportunity to reimagine the customer journey.”

Of course, every customer journey is different, and with entirely new cohorts of consumers relying on ecommerce for their needs, merchants need to be aware of the specific needs of each audience.

“Digital natives are doing more online,” Wenzel explained, “experimenting with new use cases like click and collect; buy online and pick up in store; or curbside collection.” For those forced to trade in their in-store habits for online interactions (aka “digital shifters”), Wenzel continued, “they’re heavily reliant on search engines to guide their product discovery. Ratings and review sites help guide their purchase decisions.”

But there is one unifying thread that weaves through each of these groups. “One data point that has shone through in our research is that trust really transcends demographics. It doesn’t matter which segment you’re in, trust is a top priority among all these shoppers. I think this creates an opportunity for merchants to think beyond data security and risk protection to think about how they’re defining trust with their customers.”

Without the benefit of an in-store interactions, how can merchants earn trust with customers? “Customers may want to buy your product, but they really want to connect with you and your sense of purpose,” Wenzel said. “In this environment, human beings are craving connection more than ever before…How are you connecting to the community, what are you doing for the environment, what are you doing for social good? Those topics really resonate with consumers in our research.”

Learn more about ways to build trust by watching Wenzel and Webster’s full conversation as part of watch the three-part event series here. You also learn more about new digital priorities, nurturing trust in virtual relationships, and the delicate balance of technology and tenderness that keeps humanity first in ever more digital lives.