Offer millions of Amazon consumers and Prime members more benefits on your site

Grow your ecommerce business by leveraging the familiar and trusted Prime shopping benefits.

Consumers have different desires. Some shoppers want products that will arrive by tomorrow, while others just want to know the site they are purchasing on is secure. Still others want the convenience of returning their purchases without a hassle. More and more consumers want it all — fast, free delivery, easy returns, and a seamless checkout that protects their info.

Fortunately, now your business can offer it all.

Buy with Prime is a new service from Amazon that empowers merchants to grow their ecommerce business. How? Buy with Prime and Amazon Pay offer Amazon consumers and Prime members some of the same trusted shopping benefits they know on, on your site. By providing both solutions, you give Amazon consumers an easy, secure way to pay, while offering Prime shopping benefits like fast, free shipping and returns to millions of Prime members beyond

Update: In the 2022 letter to shareholders, one of the highlighted wins for merchants was the Amazon Pay and Buy with Prime partnership. Read more in Andy Jassey’s letter released with 2023 Q1 earnings:

Why Amazon Pay?

Amazon Pay makes it easier for hundreds of millions of Amazon customers around the globe to quickly check-in and check out through your digital store using the information already stored in their Amazon account. That means they don’t have to create another account or fill out a bunch of forms, they can simply check out.

Sometimes shoppers don’t know what stores to trust with their credit card information. As they navigate the uncertainties of online shopping, Amazon Pay can provide that peace of mind new shoppers are looking for when deciding whether to make a purchase.

In a recent study, more than 42% of merchants noticed a drop in chargebacks after implementing Amazon Pay’s advanced fraud protection technology. [1] Amazon Pay uses the artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities of to deliver a secure and trusted checkout option, leading to fewer chargebacks, less bad debt, and happier customers.

Amazon Pay offers a way to convert shoppers on your site, giving hundreds of millions of Amazon consumers a way to speed through checkout.

Why Buy with Prime?

Buy with Prime is a new way to grow your ecommerce business in the US by attracting and converting your shoppers with Prime — offering fast, free delivery and a checkout experience consumers know and trust.

Once customers arrive on your site, Buy with Prime uses Amazon Pay technology to help verify Prime members status, so they get the same secure, speedy checkout experience. To help convert these shoppers, you can offer millions of Prime members benefits like 1-2 day shipping, transparent delivery times, and free returns. Amazon handles the payment, processing, storage, packing, delivery, and even returns on all Buy with Prime orders.

You can tap into marketing solutions specifically designed to help attract shoppers to your site. From reaching engaged Amazon audiences through ads on or using the Buy with Prime badge in your own marketing — you can communicate with your customers in more places, grow your brand, and send traffic to your store.

The best part is Buy with Prime can help you nurture relationships with consumers. You can use order information, including email addresses for customer orders, which you can use to provide customer service and build direct relationships to grow your brand.

Why do I need both Amazon Pay and Buy with Prime?

By offering Amazon Pay and Buy with Prime, it means that you get more benefits for you and your shoppers. Amazon shoppers enjoy the same seamless, trusted Amazon checkout experience across the globe, while your business has more ways to grow in the US by offering Prime members more shopping benefits like fast, free shipping.

Register for Amazon Pay today to convert Amazon consumers with a fast, worry-free way to pay. Sign-up for Amazon Pay.

Already offering Amazon Pay? If you have products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers, it’s even easier to set up Buy with Prime and give millions of Prime members fast, free shipping and easy returns through your own website. Join the Buy with Prime interest list.

[1] Custom research for Amazon Pay, BWG Insights, 2021