Keys to unlocking D2C Growth

Teaming up with Zuora and TheStreet to share ways direct-to-consumer businesses can continue growing and addressing customer’s changing expectations.

While the shopping experience – and customer expectations – are constantly shifting with new ways to discover and purchase, at Amazon Pay, we like to think about the things that won’t change. Twenty years from now, customers will still want security, trust, convenience and flexibility.

These values remain our north star as we craft customer experiences, It’s also the lens through which we provide guidance and insights for direct to consumer companies also looking to address the changing needs of customers while still driving retention and growth.

At Amazon Pay, we are excited to team up with likeminded, customer focused brands like TheStreet and innovators like Zuora, making it easy for companies considering a subscription service for their customers.

We recently joined Zuora and Amazon Pay merchant, TheStreet to provide a few insights around the shifting ways customers are thinking about their shopping experiences and how brands can continue to meet customer expectations, providing the most delightful experiences, with the least amount of effort.

Tune into our discussion on how direct-to-consumer businesses can continue growing while addressing customer’s changing expectations through our on-demand webinar.