Insights to develop your voice strategy

This Paytalks webinar will show you how your business can make the most of voice as a channel, in an evolving, touchless world.

Within the next two years, 44% of shoppers are likely to use the voice channel in some part of their shopping journey.[1] Take advantage of this consumer shift toward touchless experiences by implementing an effective voice strategy for your business.

This month’s Paytalks webinar will walk you through seven ways businesses are using Alexa and Amazon Pay to enhance their customer’s shopping experience with voice — and three crucial tips for developing a voice strategy of your own. And we’ll share them all in just 20 minutes. In this webinar, you’ll find tips on:

  • Developing your own innovative voice strategy
  • Engaging new customers through touchless experiences
  • Delighting your loyal shoppers with fun and easy Alexa skills

Head over to the Paytalks site to register for the live webinar, and be sure to check out past Paytalks you may have missed via our on-demand library.

[1] Amazon Pay Connected Commerce Survey conducted in April, 2019.