How your organization can give back

Learn how you can use Amazon Pay-powered Twitch Extensions and Alexa Donations to prepare your organization for the 2019 Season of Giving.

The 2019 Season of Giving is upon us with Giving Tuesday just around the corner. Learn how you can use Twitch Charity Extensions and Alexa Donations to prepare your organization for the big day.

Twitch Charity Extensions is the leading live content streaming platform in the US and according to, a site that tracks site metrics, Twitch has over 1.2 million unique daily viewers and over 45 thousand unique streams per day. You can engage the Twitch community by setting up your own Twitch Charity Extension: a 3rd-party app that broadcasters can enable on their stream to support your cause. The broadcaster simply has to set up a charity drive and viewers can make a donation using their Amazon account without leaving the broadcaster’s stream:


There are currently over fifty foundations that accept donations via Twitch Charity Extensions and that number continues to grow every week. Current participating foundations include St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, American Cancer Society, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and Children’s Miracle Network. The best part is that you can launch your own customized Twitch Charity Extension without writing a single line of code by signing up with either Tiltify or DonorDrive.

Alexa Donations

It’s never been easier to donate than it has been with Alexa Donation skills. As a donor, you can simply tell Alexa to make a donation to your favorite cause using the information already stored in your Amazon account. Hundreds of organizations have already enabled Alexa Donations. Participanting foundations include Save the Children, American Red Cross, and Red Nose Day.

The program is currently by invite-only, but for a limited time you can get sign up for Alexa Donations by mentioning this blog post. Note that you must also set up a Twitch Charity Extension to be eligible for Alexa Donations.