How to handle returns and refunds

Learn how customer-friendly policies can help you retain shoppers.

When you add the Amazon Pay button to your site, millions of Amazon shoppers will expect the same high-quality customer experience from your site as they get from Amazon.


To help you with this task, our five-part series explains our best practices and top tips on how you too can offer your shoppers a high-quality customer experience. We talked about the value of good customer service and the first steps to take toward achieving it; now we will share our tips on how to handle returns and refunds.

How to handle returns and refunds

In an ideal world, your shoppers make purchases, promptly pay, and happily keep every item they buy. However, it’s likely that not every shopper will be happy with every purchase.

If you want to retain shoppers, you have to make sure that they can easily return unwanted items and get a refund. Even more importantly, a straightforward return process can help prevent shoppers from needing to file an Amazon Pay A-to-z Guarantee claim or a chargeback.


These steps will ease your business’s return process:

  • Verify that your website has a readily available FAQ or Help topic that explains your policies.
  • Explicitly describe the steps for the shopper to take in order to obtain a refund and return an item.

Customer-friendly policies, such as having a no-restocking-fee policy and providing free return shipping, can reduce shoppers’ effort and increase their satisfaction.

Reminder: Make sure you have updated your Customer Service details in Seller Central. This crucial information will be displayed in the Amazon Pay Customer account, as well as the transactional emails your shoppers will receive.

To learn how to update your details in Seller Central, please follow the steps described in this video.

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