How Amazon Pay works

Learn about the online payment service preferred by millions of Amazon customers around the world.

Originally published in August 2020

Amazon Pay is a digital payment service that allows customers to make purchases on third-party websites using payment and shipping information stored in their account. Because shoppers don’t have to create new accounts or enter their credit card and billing information, Amazon Pay provides a checkout that is faster, more convenient and more secure than native checkouts.

Why businesses choose Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay makes checkout easier for shoppers while offering a number of key advantages for businesses.

Because Amazon Pay reduces friction at checkout with fewer steps required to complete a purchase, there’s potential for higher conversion rates, fewer abandoned carts, and more repeat customers. After implementing Amazon Pay, clothing retailer AllSaints, for example, saw conversion rates soar 34%, streamlining time to checkout by as much as 70 seconds on average.

Linking up with Amazon has other advantages, including an easy way to connect with hundreds of millions of active Amazon customers globally and the ability to tap into Amazon’s trust with consumers[1]. First-time customers who may be wary of handing their credit card information to an unfamiliar retailer may be more likely to follow through on a purchase if it’s backed by Amazon, a brand they know and trust.

Finally, Amazon Pay affords retailers access to cutting-edge ecommerce technology. Our 2019 Connected Commerce study found that just 52% of shoppers are satisfied with the cross-channel shopping experience offered by today’s brands. Joining Amazon Pay helps equip you with the tools needed to provide a seamless, omnichannel experience across mobile, desktop, and voice.

Checking out with Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay simplifies the checkout process in three simple steps.


01 Click the Amazon Pay button
Amazon customers select Amazon Pay as their method of payment on your product or checkout page.


02 Sign In
If they’re not already signed into their Amazon account, shoppers will be prompted to do so.


03 Complete their purchase
Shoppers confirm the credit card and address details already stored in their Amazon account and finish checking out.

More than payment

Amazon Pay offers a number of features that can add security and convenience to your online shopping.

Address book
Amazon Address Book allows shoppers to use contact information stored in their account during checkout on third party sites with Amazon Pay, saving them time and sparing them the hassle of typos and forgotten addresses. Learn More.

A-to-z Guarantee
By offering Amazon Pay, Businesses provide their shoppers with piece of mind that they enjoy the same protections with Amazon Pay that they have while shopping on Amazon Pay’s A-to-z Guarantee also provides businesses with an extra layer of protection, and the opportunity to provide more context during chargeback disputes.

Business intelligence
Merchants using Amazon Pay have access to easy-to-use financial reporting tools, including a consolidated view of transactions and fees that can be filtered by date and transaction type.

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[1] For two years in a row, The Values Institute ranked Amazon as the top most-trusted brand in retail in 2018. Also, in brand rankings from BrandZ by Kantar Millward Brown and Best Global Brand 2019 by Interbrand, Amazon is rated as the top most-valuable brand