How Amazon Pay addresses what consumers seek in a payment service

An inside look at what digital payments benefits are important to customers shopping online.

At Amazon Pay, one of our guiding principles is customer obsession – helping our merchants understand what benefits are important to customers shopping online. In an earlier blog, we listed the top 10 benefits that customers seek while choosing a digital payment service. We asked Amazon customers what benefits are important to them while choosing a digital payment service (such as Amazon Pay) over traditional payment services (such as credit cards).1 The top 10 benefits from this exercise primarily encompassed themes such as security, purchase guarantees, trust, and convenience. As you look for ways to improve your checkout experience, consider these insights on what consumers are looking for in a digital payment service, and how Amazon Pay can help.


Two key benefits within this theme include fraud prevention and avoiding the sharing of credit card/bank details with merchants. For starters, Amazon Pay takes precautions to protect a consumer’s account by enabling them to sign in using a secure server connection – minimizing the chances of customer information being stolen. Additionally, to further enhance security, Amazon Pay offers consumers the option to enable multi factor authentication (MFA). MFA provides a security code through a customer’s mobile phone as an additional login and layer of security. Amazon Pay also does not share the customer’s payment information with merchants. The merchants only receive the name, email, and shipping address of the customer from Amazon Pay to help with order fulfillment.

Purchase guarantees

In order to shift from traditional payment services to digital ones, customers seek money back guarantees when a product is undelivered, damaged or not of promised quality. That’s part of the reason why Amazon created the A-to-z Guarantee, to make the customers’ online shopping experience more reliable. Amazon extends this same guarantee to all Amazon Pay purchases. This guarantee helps the customer obtain a full reimbursement or cancel their authorized payment if they are not satisfied and are unable to come to a resolution directly with a merchant about a purchase made using Amazon Pay. It is about giving customers the peace of mind that when they purchase something using their Amazon account, they know they’ll get what they paid for.


For customers to use digital payment services with more regularity, they must be presented with payment options they trust. Amazon is one of the most trustworthy brands in the world.2 That trust halo extends first to the Amazon Pay brand and then to the businesses that offers Amazon Pay as a payment option. In a survey conducted by Amazon Pay in 2018, 83% of customers rated Amazon Pay a 9 or 10, on a 0-10 point scale on brand trust.3

I try not to shop on websites which I’m not familiar with because I feel uneasy about sharing personal information such as credit card info and my billing address. However, if one of these smaller, less familiar websites do have the Amazon Pay logo it makes me feel more secure about shopping there.

- Amazon Pay Customer


Customers value the convenience that comes with paying at a store using a familiar login and password. What can be more familiar than a customers’ trusted Amazon login. Customers can use their familiar login credentials and the payment information stored in their Amazon account to purchase on third party websites across the globe. That is the beauty of Amazon Pay. It avoids the need to type in credit card/bank details or create a new account on an unfamiliar website.

Availability and Incentives/Value

The final two benefits to round out our top 10 include payment acceptance by the merchants and the ability to earn rewards by using the digital payment service. Customer trust in Amazon Pay has driven merchants to make it available, which in turn boosts Amazon Pay’s visibility, and further drives adoption. Today, Amazon Pay is available on tens of thousands of merchant websites globally. We aspire to help customers purchase ‘whatever they love from wherever they shop’. Furthermore, using Amazon Pay does not mean that customers have to forego the rewards/points they earn from their credit cards. They will continue to earn reward points on Amazon Pay purchases through the credit card(s) stored in their Amazon account (if your card rewards points).

Overall, Amazon Pay addresses the top benefits that customers seek from a digital payment service. Delight your customers by signing up to offer a payment solution that can provide a convenient, secure, trusted way to pay. Sign up today.

1Source: Survey conducted by Amazon Pay in 2018 among 2251 Amazon customers in the United States, United Kingdom, and Germany. Results in this article are from a trade-off exercise that tested 35 benefits. The context of the trade-off exercise was: “In this section, you will see a list of benefits that might be important to you in choosing a digital payment service (such as PayPal, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay etc.) over traditional payment services (such as Credit cards, Debit cards, Checks, Bank accounts etc.). On the next few screens, we will ask you to follow a series of steps to rate the importance of these benefits.”
2In two separate annual brand rankings (BrandZ by Kantar MillwardBrown and Best Global Brand 2018 by Interbrand), Amazon follows two other brands as the world’s third most valuable brand.
3Source: Consumer Net Promoter Score (NPS) Surveys: Conducted by Amazon Pay in 2018 among US consumers who had used Amazon Pay in the 1 ½ months preceding to the survey launch dates. Question asked was ‘How would you rate your experience with Amazon Pay on each of the below attributes?’ 0-10 point scale where, 0=Not at all Satisfied & 10=Extremely Satisfied. Sample size = 3966.