Get paid faster with Express Payout

Amazon Pay’s new Express Payout feature gets merchants their money, fast.

Customers want everything fast: checkout, customer service, shipping, and everything in between. With Amazon Pay, businesses like you can deliver with speed to satisfy customers. But businesses need speed, too. With orders to fulfill, overhead costs, and constant upgrades and adjustments to fit the rapidly shifting world of retail, growing businesses are often saddled with growing costs. Finally, Amazon Pay merchants can get paid faster than ever with Express Payout from Amazon Pay.

Express Payout is a new feature that allows Amazon Pay merchants to receive their funds within 24 hours, including weekends. Get your money faster — at no additional cost. No more waiting days for your hard-earned money to show up in your account.

Express Payout is a game-changer for growing businesses, letting merchants reap the benefits of their work at the speed of Amazon.

What is Express Payout?

Express Payout is a new feature available to Amazon Pay merchants. Amazon Pay’s new integration with a network of hundreds of banks and credit unions means you no longer need to wait days for your money to transfer over the ACH network.

Instead, Express Payout lets you receive their funds within 24 hours, including weekends — which is up to five days faster than most bank transfers.

Who can access Express Payout?

Express Payout is available to eligible U.S. businesses. To be eligible for Express Payout, you must:

  1. Have an account with an in-network U.S. bank.
  2. Have a valid business address in the United States (U.S. territories excluded).

If you meet all the above requirements, you can opt in to the free Express Payout service on the Deposit Methods page on Seller Central.

How to access Express Payout

Businesses can access Express Payout through Seller Central for no additional cost. Just enroll in Express Payout and you will immediately be able to start accessing faster payouts.

You can also deactivate the service at any time. If you choose to opt out or deactivate later, your bank account will return to the default Standard Payout setting through ACH payment networks in the current three- to five-day timeline.

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