Enabling touchless experiences as business shifts to a digital world

Our latest Paytalks webinar will show you how your business can deliver the experiences that your new digital shoppers expect.

According to new research from McKinsey, more than half of the consumers who have adopted new digital shopping habits during COVID-19 plan to keep them after the pandemic is over.[1] While consumers are still forming new digital preferences, there’s an opportunity for your business to enable exciting experiences that can move you into the touchless future.

This month’s Paytalks webinar will walk you through practical ways that your business can meet the needs of your digital shoppers, delivering touchless experiences that will keep them safe and satisfied during the pandemic and beyond it. And we’ll share them all in just 20 minutes.

In this webinar, you’ll find tips on:

  • Optimizing your mobile checkout to delight shoppers and boost conversions
  • Attracting COVID-era customers with contactless payments and delivery
  • Preparing your business for the future of retail with touchless experiences

Head over to the Paytalks site to register for the live webinar now.

[1] McKinsey, Consumer sentiment and behavior continue to reflect the uncertainty of the COVID-19, 2021.