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This collection of research reports, tip sheets and infographics will help you personalize your customers’ shopping journey and grow your ecommerce business.

Originally published 6/8/20

These days, “multi-channel” remains a hot-button term in ecommerce. Brands are now trying to appeal to customers whose online shopping experience begins in one channel (maybe on their phone) and ends up in another (say, checking out through a digital payment service on their laptop). Later, they may ask Alexa for an update on their status of their orders.

According to one of our recent studies, 42% of online shoppers will engage in multi-channel transactions within the next three years. That means if your company is not already working to help your connected customers personalize and optimize their shopping experience, you’re behind the curve.

Luckily, Amazon Pay is here to help. We’ve compiled a comprehensive Enterprise Business Toolkit—a collection of ebooks, research reports, infographics, and tip sheets with strategies and tactics to get your business up to speed. The toolkit can provide actionable insights to help your company reduce cart abandonment, drive customer conversions, build your traffic base, and more.

The Enterprise Business Toolkit contains:

  • Tips for improving your CX through personalization
  • A research ebook on connected commerce
  • Mobile checkout optimization report
  • Webinar: the future of commerce in a connected world
  • Webinar: 10 guidelines to get started with Alexa and voice commerce
  • Technical tips for getting started with Amazon Pay for Alexa skills
  • 5 ways to read customers with Alexa Skills
  • Top reasons customers choose a digital payment service
  • Top ways that businesses have succeeding with payments
  • 5 reasons to integrate Amazon Pay
  • ROI conversion simulator

If you’re worried upping your ecommerce game isn’t worth your IT department’s trouble, even just skimming one section of the Toolkit will convince you otherwise. It will empower you to make the informed decisions you need to stay competitive in your online business.

Download it here right now.