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This library of resources is designed to help retailers build, grow, and retain customers, even in the most challenging of times.

No business could have anticipated the challenges that 2020 would present. For retailers working to meet new customer habits and expectations, however, the months and years ahead also offer an opportunity to grow their business like never before.

From March through September of this year, 114 million U.S. consumers shifted from shopping in brick-and-mortar stores for food, retail products, and restaurant food to using digital channels.[1] This massive growth in first-time digital shoppers represents an incredible chance for businesses to better capture consumers’ attention, create lasting consumer loyalty, and grow with their customers.

Of course, meeting these digital-first consumers means that retailers will need to find new ways to dazzle customers and better understand their needs. That’s why Amazon Pay has created the Business Growth Toolkit, a library of resources that will help you tap into your consumer’s preferences, with actionable strategies and tactics to engage more prospects, convert them into customers, and keep them coming back.

The Business Growth Toolkit contains:

  • Valuable tools to grow your online business
  • Webinar: 10 ways to drive traffic to your online store
  • Insight into reaching the next generation of digital-first consumers
  • Webinar: 10 ways to convert digital traffic into customers
  • Techniques for reducing cart abandonment and customer friction
  • ROI conversion simulator
  • Webinar: 10 tactics to improve customer retention
  • Tip for developing a voice strategy to delight your customers
  • Actionable ideas for improving your CX through personalization

As consumer behavior changes, your business needs to change with them. If you want to build, grow, and retain customers, you need the right tools and strategies to be ready for them.

Download the Business Growth Toolkit right now.

[1], Inspiring Trust In The New Digital Economy Report, 2020