Delighting customers with Delivery Notifications through Alexa

Tips to make your customer’s post-purchase experience even more convenient and natural with voice-based delivery notifications.

Consumers are showing a strong interest in using voice to keep track of their order status. In fact, 43% of consumers globally express interest in using a voice service to check the delivery status of their order within the next three years[1].

Amazon Pay is helping merchants keep up with customer’s expectations with the launch of Delivery Notifications through Alexa. This capability can help your customers keep tabs when their order is out for delivery, or shows as delivered, through Alexa.

Simply enabling Delivery Notifications is not enough. To enable more customers to use it, you need to let them know it exists. We have a few tips to promote this natural, contextual experience so customers know when their order is on its way and when it has been delivered. Here are some examples of the experience:

Out for Delivery Notifications:

Delivered Notifications:

Here are few tips you can adopt now to start educating customers on the availability of Delivery Notifications through Alexa:

Highlight delivery capabilities on the order confirmation page or email

The best place to let your customers know that they can use Delivery Notifications to easily track their order, is right after they have placed one. You can include a short example of customer experience example for “out for delivery” notification and “delivered” notification on the order confirmation page after your customer has made the payment.

Out for delivery notifications: When customers receive an Alexa notification, they will see a yellow ring on voice-only Echo devices, and an on-screen banner on Echo devices with a visual display.


Delivery notification: When customers receive an Alexa notification, they will see a yellow ring on voice-only Echo devices, and an on-screen banner on Echo devices with a visual display.


Sample confirmation email with Delivery Notifications


Highlight voice-based delivery notifications through owned channels (i.e. web, email, social media)

Customers love when brands innovate on their behalf to create a more convenient, connected shopping experience. Proactive communications during the delivery experience are one way you can boost customer satisfaction and brand loyalty to reduce customer anxiety over when their online order will arrive. With a strong interest in using voice services to check delivery status, let your customers know how vested you are in providing a state-of-the-art buying experience by highlighting this capability on your website.


Remind your customers to take advantage of voice-based delivery notifications in order-related follow up

Repetition is the key to emphasizing a message or forming a new behavior. Look at the different ways you communicate order related updates to your customers. Order-related communications are ideal places to remind your customers that tracking their orders is even more convenient with your Delivery Notifications capability through Alexa.


Interested in getting started with Delivery Notifications for your business?

We continue to work with several commerce solution providers to make Delivery Notifications easily accessible for merchants. Currently, we have Delivery Notifications enabled for both Magento1, Magento2, and Amazon Pay custom integrations.

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[1] Amazon Pay Connected Commerce Survey conducted in April 2019 with 10,297 consumers in France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Spain, UK, US.